Feb 1, 2012

Amazing Yummies!

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Okay, so I don't do this whole writing a post about something *while* I'm eating it thing very often, but this doesn't happen very often:

What's this? A super-delicious Protein Bakery oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! Which, alongside a tetrapack of chocolate soymilk and some peanut butter is the study snack of the moment.

As in, this very moment.

But seriously - do you see that fluffiness? The chocolate chips are super sweet and chocolatey and melty - not at all stale-tasting, like you sometimes get with packaged cookies. Then again, these are baked in small batches, so maybe that's why they're soft, fluffy, and delicious.

And as to why they're substantial enough that, even though they taste of buttery, sugary goodness, they're perfectly acceptable as a study snack and have something substantial to bite into? That'd be because they're whole grain with 2g of fiber and 4g of protein (oh, yeah!).

Oh, and no terrible sugar crash to come - there are only 3g of sugar per cookie so, even though I'm eating both in the packet (shhhh), that's still only 1.5 teaspoons of sugar - which comes with a total of 8g of protein. That's probably why it's:


And as far as that low sugar stat goes, these aren't little cookies (none of that silly business where companies achieve low sugar stats by making products the size of your pinky nail). And all natural ingredients!

Now that I'm done raving, let's take a second to look at some of the other yummies from Protein Bakery:

I can't wait to try everything else! And I'll definitely have to order some of those Espresso Brownies with Cappuccino Chips that I just saw on the website...

Anyway, it wouldn't be fair to make you guys salivate over all that awesomeness if I weren't going to share.

Sooooo - GIVEAWAY TIME! It's the best kind of time. =D

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, February 1st!

Here's how to enter (leave a separate comment for each, so that you have more chances to win):

* Follow Living, Learning, Eating on GFC
* Blog about this giveaway (leave the link in the comments)
* Follow (@LiveLearnEat) on Twitter and tweet the giveaway 
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* Go to their website and tell me which product you're most excited to try!

This is for continental USA readers only and the winner gets $45 worth of a taste of Protein Bakery - 2 brownies/blondies, 2 colossal (they're not kidding) cookies, and 3 cookie 2-packs (like the one I had, above)!


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Send your full name, shipping address, and telephone number to livinglearningeating (AT) googlemail (DOT) com within the next 24 hours to claim your yummy prize!

Is this great, or what? I already feel all energized and ready to go - organic chemistry studying here I come! Bye for now. :)


  1. Dude, these really are the best cookies/blondies/brownies like everrr. I'm so jealous you got the black + white brownie! I want to try those ones so bad!

  2. I follow you on twitter + tweeted. Seriously, when you finish eating them all you'll feel like a little piece of your soul died off. True story :P

  3. I really want to try the Colossal Chocolate Cherry Cookie. 9 grams of protein in that - wow! Btw, I think it's awesome that you do these - I'd blog about it too, but my blog's focused on writing, so it wouldn't quite fit.

  4. they look really good, sadly this giveaway is not international :(
    but anyway, i wish all who participate good luck!

  5. would like to try the Espresso Brownie with Cappuccino Chips

  6. I would love to devour the peanut butter brownie!

  7. I want me some
    Espresso Brownie!

  8. Followed on Twitter!

  9. Liked on FB and shared!

  10. What is GFC? I am subscribed to your blog through bloglovin. Does that count?

    1. Google Friend Connect (on the right side). Bloglovin' totally counts! If you follow by GFC, too, you get an extra entry. :)

  11. I think I would want to try the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Nom!

  12. I follow your blog via e-mail, does that count? :)

  13. i would love to try the peanut butter chocolate chip!

  14. I Follow Living, Learning, Eating on GFC

  15. I follow you on twitter and tweeted

  16. I Follow (@proteinbakery) Protein Bakery on Twitter

  17. I Like Protein Bakery on Facebook

  18. Espresso Brownie with Cappuccino Chips yummmmmy

  19. follow Protein Bakery on Twitter @giacobone

  20. like Protein Bakery on FB as Gabriella Iacobone

  21. I'm most excited to try the peanut butter cookies,


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