Jan 15, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

Somehow Christmas songs and movies always make it seem like Christmas time is the coldest time of the year.


Welcome to January, guys.

Think frozen fingers, aching noses, and frostbitten toes.
Black ice, waist-high snow, and falling icy daggers of doom.
Every trek to the library is treacherous, every walk to class an adventure.

Luckily God (or the Fashionista in the Sky, or the Cro-Magnon man, or whomever else you believe in) invented coats to keep us warm, cute and classy.

Not trashy, girls, please not trashy.

Oh, Snookie. What ever shall we do with you?
A wise man once said "the difference between style and fashion is quality."

I don't want to step on good old Giorgio's Armani-clad insteps (so much more painful than stepping on toes), but style and fashion are both valuable and both fun.

Fashion is something you experiment with, something that can change with day and mood, and something that's a very useful tool in the journey to finding your style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little time to get to the final style (which can, and probably should, evolve a bit over the years). If you don't know what your style is yet, don't rush into someone else's.

"It would be very hard for me to do things somebody else's way." Well said, Giorgio. If you aren't sure what your way is yet, you probably won't want to drop a million dollars on a coat.

I'm pretty sure this would *never* be worth a million dollars to me.
Especially when there are so many cute, convenient, and affordable coats out there!

If you think you might like the North Face Puffer Jacket look, but don't want to pay $200 to $400, you can achieve a similar look for much less.
Hollister Mission Beach, $60
If you like a flirtier, girlier version of the biker-chic look and/or you don't live in the Arctic region (or Boston) you don't have to pay $400+ (and more in a bad conscience) to wear MooMoo the Cow's cousin. Go for faux leather, instead.

Charlotte Russe Ruffle-Waist Moto Jacket, $39.99
You can keep it classic with a wool-blend tweed coat...

Forever 21 Wool-blend Tweed Coat, $24.80
...or go edgy by introducing a little color. Trust me, we'll all thank you for it - maybe there'd be a little less SAD if we didn't all dress like gloom and doom all winter.

I'm trivializing things, but it's just  a thought.

Papaya Double Breast Coat, $21.99
And, for when you're going out at night, there's always the simple trench.

Express Belted Trench Coat, $99.99
"Fashion is made to become unfashionable." Coco Chanel knows what she's talking about, so have fun with it! What's the worst that can happen?

Somehow, I think I ask that question waaaaay too often.

How often do you switch your coat?

What pieces do you buy for quality, and which do you like to experiment with?


  1. i have a duffle coat by h&m which i bought about 5 years ago and a wool coat by zara which was purchased 3 years ago.
    because those two coats started to look shabby, i bought a new down coat from vero moda. i think you should invest in a good coat, because you really don't need to buy a new one every year. and i think that more expensive ones keep you warmer when it's cold outside.

  2. I'm more of a hoodie person. I love big n comfy ones :)

  3. blumenband - That's true! I wish we had Vero Moda here...I have a cute blouse from there. :)

    Chloe - Big 'n comfy hoodies are the way to go. ;) But it's sooooooooooo freezing here in Boston today that you need the hoodie AND the coat!

  4. I LOVE that forever 21 coat :D

  5. It's freezing here in Germany,too! Aaaaah,I hate the cold so much! D:
    I have actually two coats; one warmer,not-so-pretty one I wear when walking my dog and one I wear at school etc. . It's not as warm as the other one,but I always wear several layers in any way,so that's not dramatical at all. ;)

  6. Love the coat from Forever 21


  7. Meg - Forever21 has such cute stuff so often!

    Kat - I thought I liked the cold. Then I moved to Boston. :P

    Meekay - Thanks for stoping by! That coat is my favorite, too. :)

    Faby - Thanks!

  8. Most of the times I keep asking myself why we don't have F21 and express in Itaky. I use to buy a lot of their clothes while living in the states....and i would wear heels in boston!!!

  9. Well, you have a lot of H&M instead, don't you? Though Forever 21 is quite nice. I'd miss it!

  10. Oooh I love all these coats!! I'm not the most fashionable, so I don't switch my coats often. I have a lot of jackets and cardigans that I wear all the time though!

  11. I went through a cardigan phase, too. I'm kind of in between phases now.


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