Jan 24, 2012

Harvard/College Terms with a Side of Dorm Food

Classes have started! Eek!

Before we get into terms, here's last night's late night dorm snack:

A few prunes and some almonds, followed by:

A chocolate peanut butter protein Green SuperFood bar that I got to try from Amazing Grass!

Have you heard of their 2 Week Challenge (a series of informative daily emails for 2 weeks)? I'll post about it soon. 

This bar was quite tasty. It was sweet, chewy, and delicious with just enough chocolaty goodness - but a mild under note? I think that's the green powder in it. Still, I enjoyed it! It's less candy bar-ish then other bars, but that's also a good thing.

Spot? Hit. 

Okay, time for Harvard terms!

*DISCLAIMER - These are Harvard/College terms, not my terms. So if anything is offensive, sorry in advance - but you wouldn't be mad at Webster for defining a curse word, would you?*

ABP - Au Bon Pain. An essential for pastries as big as your head and muesli that's so sugary you need a thermos of green tea to wash it down. See you there?

Ad Board - The disciplinary committee. Don't mess with them.

Annenberg - The stunning (but usually not-so-tasty) freshman dining hall with limited hours. Only Harvard students and their guests are allowed to enter and no photographs are allowed, but sometimes a camera-happy tourist will pop in to photograph the chandeliers and stained glass. 

Blocking Group - A bunch of people who decide, sometime in freshman spring, to be treated as a group in the housing lottery for upperclassmen houses.

Brain Break - Food. At night. After D-Hall is closed, all the good stuff comes out (cereal, pb&j's, etc. from about 10pm to 2am or something like that).

Circ - The circulation desk. In my opinion, circ isn't circ unless it's in Widener. Hopefully my job, again. :)

Comping - The tricky, hyper-competitive process you have to go through to get into clubs (like the Newspaper, Let's Go, etc.). Very time intensive. But, perhaps, worth it? It definitely leads to team spirit and dedication.

Concentration - Your major. We say concentration because majoring in bio doesn't make as much sense as concentrating on bio. There's probably a more bureaucratic reason, but that one works for me.

Crimson - Our daily newspaper.

Finals Week - A week full of multiple-hour-long final exams. Lots of free time in between, but lots of stress.

Final Club - An exclusive all-male club with roots in Harvard's history and a reputation as the more exclusive, pretentious cousin of the all-American fraternity. Known for throwing good (or just sketchy) parties with high ratios of girls : boys.

Final Club Bro - A member of said final club. The stereotype is that he's a rich, white, misogynistic male who will end up working on Wall Street or managing hedge funds. Note that this is the *stereotype.*

Harvard Hoochie - No one actually knows if they're really girls or if it's some final club bro's long-standing joke, but they're pretty famous for supposedly husband-hunting and gold-digging around campus. Especially on Saturday nights.

Harvard Time - We do everything seven minutes after normal time (it's because if you have a class that ends at 10am and another that starts at 10am, you need those extra seven minutes to get across campus).

MAC - A fantastic place to shower if your roommate is *still* in the shower. I think you can work out here, too. 

Orgo - Torture. Also organic chemistry. But mainly torture. Scared much? YES.

Penguin - The mascot of the coolest house on campus. 

Punch - Not a beverage. The beginning of some poor (not literally) guy's ordeals in trying to get into a final club.

Quincy - The coolest house on campus. Not actually a house - I'm not sure why they're called that, but each house is a dormitory complex, since ~99.9% of students live on campus, with its own dining hall and pride. I just pulled that statistic out of my you-know-where, by the way.

Reading Period - The week before finals week. Also where fun goes to die. 

RUHG - Random Ugly Harvard Girl. Again, this is a *stereotype.*

The Yard - Where all the freshman dorms are. Conveniently located near Widener, classes, and the Berg.

Widener - The most amazing place in the world. Also a library.

How many of these terms are the same at your school?

Does your school have its own terms?


  1. I really admire that you're studying at Harvard,girl! You must be very intelligent and hard-working!
    Our school is boring - we don't have own items at all... But I can live with that since I will only have to go there 47 more days,hehehe :P

    1. No, but thanks. Only 47 more days?! You go girl! You'll do so awesome and then you'll be on your way to being a crazy fantastic nurse! If/when I become a neurosurgeon, you should be on my staff. You sound like you have the passion for it!

  2. Hahahaha "where fun goes to die." Hilarious. Some terms at my high school are "The Center Kids"- weirdos majoring in art, theater, or music. Or preppy dancer's that think their the best thing ever but really everyone thinks their bitches. And a WHOLE bunch of drug terms because we're known as the "druggy school." Fuuunnnnn (sarcasm.)

    1. Oh no! Well, every school has their unique bits... ><

  3. I'm so jealous that you're studying at Harvard! That's amazing, girl.
    I love your dorm snacks. I just tried one of the Amazing Grass bars a few days ago and loved it! Plus, the stats are amazing. <3

    1. No need to be jealous! You're in LA! Isn't that like Harvard for actors?

      Yeah, they're *sooooo* good! And all those veggies in there, too!


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