Jan 8, 2012

Yummies and Resolutions

So I didn't post about resolutions on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or...you get the point.

Why? Because everyone was. And who wanted another resolution post?

Even today, I'm not focusing on resolutions. I'm focusing on yummy yogurt bowl how-to with a side of resolution.

Start with yogurt (I used Stonyfield plain organic yogurt, which is one of my favorites since it's really creamy, organic, and doesn't have any weird texture/taste issues as some other can).

Top with uncooked oats and dried pomegranate arils.

Add a slice of MannaOrganics Fig, Flax, and Fennel sprouted bread.

Admire your sweet, chewy slice and the ingenuity of adding bread to yogurt. I kid. Kind of.

Now cover it all in melted peanut butter or peanut flour sauce and wa-la! Tasty!

So have I actually talked about resolutions yet? I guess not. You can do it for me, if you want.

What do you think of New Year's Resolutions?

Did you make any?

Like the duckies on my spoon?


  1. Your yogurt bowl looks so good! I've been loving yogurt and raw oats lately. I made lots of New Years' Resolutions; hopefully they'll last. ;)

  2. Thanks, I love it, too! Good luck. The way that I see it is that the right ones will last. ;)

  3. Yum, looks like a delicious yoghurt bowl! :)

  4. I loooovvvvveeeeeee pb flour sauce + yogurt!

  5. Have you ever tried mixing the pb flour straight into the yogurt? I do that sometimes, when I can't be bothered to dirty another dish in sauce preparation, and it's quite good to - it makes normal yogurt as thick as greek yogurt!

  6. HA. New Year's resolutions. I think its certainly a topic overused by the blogging world but I think that it can serve a good purpose. I mean people often complain about the resolutioners getting to the gym, stealing their machines blah blah blah. I don't even know what I'm rambling about anyways-I do agree that is an overused topic.

  7. Aaaah,I love your spoon,it is so cute! Do you know "Heidi"? I have "Heidi" dishes,hehe. :D
    That peanut flour and yogurt combo sounds delicious,by the way - why haven't I tried it out yet?! I need to catch up on this one,soon!
    Hope you're fine,girl! <3

  8. Hollie - Haha, since when is it *their* machine? People with possessive issues at the gym...so weird. :P

    Kat - I used to love Heidi! So jealous of your dishes. :P Thanks, I hope all is well with you, too! I'm just trying to get myself to pack for school right now, but am constantly getting ridiculously distracted...

  9. Thank you for your comment! Read the answer of your question on my blog..

    ♥ Amuna


  10. I love the way you ate the manna bread!! I never thought of that! I definitely need to try that out. I did "challenges" for this month rather than year resolutions. I don't even like the word resolution. I always have goals, and I don't need the new year to start them!

  11. Yum! And I do resolutions when I remember. I don't have anything against them. Sometimes I think they can be fun, like, "this year i'm going to have bread pudding from that one restuarant at least once!" I get tired of all the people the resolve to lose weight. You see them running outside for the first month of the year and then never see them again. Plus you have to deal with the weight loss ads on tv and them taking your machines at the gym. Blah

  12. Resolutions can be fun - but I agree! Aren't there better things to resolve to do than to lose weight? All the tv ads are quite annoying...

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  15. e.rose - Thanks, I followed you back!

    Fabrizia - Thanks! :) That's such a cute dress - I followed you! :)

  16. I only made a resolution when my brother asked me - and it was to do all the things that I want to do. Since I figured that covered all of my pre-existing goals.

  17. Sounds like a pretty awesome resolution to me! :P


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