Feb 3, 2012

Fashion Disaster Alert! AKA, a healthy snack and a healthy laugh

Let's start with the healthy snack, shall we?

Crudites with ranch dip and:

These raw superfood bars are based on dates and have the Amazing Grass Green Superfood blend mixed in:

They're so yummy! Sweet and rich with a berry under taste and lots of nummy, nummy nuts@!

Okay, time for that healthy laugh I promised you.

Sure, no one most people don't really go out of their way to have their outfits be funny, but the fact is that fashion is not only a source of aesthetic pleasure, but also - at times - one of entertainment.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a walking fashion disaster at times, too. And I'm sure you are, too. It's normal. Here are some other fun fashion disasters. 

I hope you have a nice laugh! See? You've already done something for your health today!

Gaga's economizing her wardrobe:

Gaga always takes it pretty far, but this took it decidedly too far - or not far enough? Maybe next time she'll remember to put on pants and a shirt (or at least a shirt, since she doesn't seem to be a big fan of pants).  

Britney's had a laundry mix-up:

Cute shorts (I'm not even going to comment on the K-Fed cap) but couldn't you get the top in your size? If her kids were girls you could pass it off as a simple case of clothes confusion, but as is...

Victoria's Down-sized Tux:

What's the theme here? Missing garments. Sure, the shoes are cute - but that doesn't mean we won't notice that you forgot your pants on the way out.

Miley goes to Funky-Town:

There's a lot of experimentation that goes on every fashionista's life, but we're glad that this mangled/shredded/ripped look didn't last. 

Funny fact: Trader Joe's and Aldi are owned by the same company. Love them!

Gaga's a Meathead

This one is less entertaining than disgusting. I suppose that's because I'm a vegetarian. I seriously don't mind at all when others eat meat, but this? It's hideous and appalling. Plus, the metaphor falls short.

Gaga wants to show that she's not a piece of meat by covering herself in meat? And that makes sense how? That's why those animals were bred, raised, and killed - to be part of a failed metaphor?

I wonder how many families that meat could feed...

Anne has wings!

We just wish those wings weren't on her pants. Clarisse Renaldi would not approve.

Pammi Goes Big:

If you want to get a boob job, and that's really up to you (it's your body), just make sure that you don't think the same shirts from your flat-chested days are going to cut it.

They won't.

Rihanna Experiments:

Those pants are so unflattering - for anyone! - with their dizzying business. Then the sheer bustier on top add even more lines. Oh dear. Thank goodness, Rihanna has come far since then.

Katy's Fairytale:

Unless you live in Pixie Hollow, this probably shouldn't be in your wardrobe.

Have you seen/been a funny fashion disaster lately?


  1. yes!!! a lot in hollywood. I'm not against personal style but some of them going beyond what's moral.. They're almost showing themselves off.


  2. Bahahah. I think anyone who wears overalls these days is a fashion wreck. I mean really, who even came up with those things? They look cute on babies but grown women? Lord no.

    1. I died when I read that, because there was a time in middle school when (though, in my defense, I didn't wear them) I thought overalls were *it*. Oh dear, I'm a fashion faux pas sometimes! Love it. ;)

  3. Yuck,seeing that meat-picture nauseates me every time. It's SO disgusting and I really don't get HOW anyone can have such a stupid idea...?!
    However,Katie's dress is kind of cute. For carnival. ;)

    1. I know - what a waste and how disgusting! Yeah, I'd probably wear Katy's dress on Halloween. But not otherwise!

  4. That meat dress disgusts me! Ewww....
    I love the Amazing Grass bars. The nutritional stats are perfect. (:

    1. And they're so yummy! I'm all the way with you on that one (and the grossness of the dress - *what* was she thinking????)


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