Mar 31, 2012

2:1 Protein Bar Review, a bag chdi, and an invitation!

We'll start with the bag chdi, because I know y'all are all dying to know what that is.

As some of you might know (and thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!) I turned 19 yesterday - yippee!

So, since I was going to get a late dinner with friends, but was pretty darn hungry by the time 4pm rolled around (lunch only lasts so long), I invented a fourth meal: chdi

Yes, I'm trying to make chdi happen - the meal between lunch and dinner! Courtesy of HUDS:

A hummus and tabbouleh wrap, an amaaaazingly crisp red apple (go HUDS!), and a side salad with Italian dressing.

I really liked this (tabbouleh is so good!) but it had the problem that makes me shy away from ethnic food.

Onions. Lots of 'em. And lots and lots of garlic in the liberal hummus hiding back in there. Don't get me wrong, I love the taste! But the aftertaste? Not so wild about that funky breath.

Listerine to the rescue!

Luckily, I haven't just been eating ogre breath-inducing foods in my room.

Another 2:1 protein bar! Remember when I reviewed their crazy awesome chocolate bar? Well here is one of their actual protein bars. Like with the chocolate bar, the number on the front is the protein to net carb ratio (not too shabby, if you're trying to watch carbs!).

Like with the other one, the list is longer than some bars - but they have to achieve that ratio some how (I think there's often a tradeoff between ingredient list length and macronutrient contents - take Lara bars. Very few ingredients, but low protein:carb ratio, as well as overall protein content).

I was pretty excited for this. I've never been a huge pretzel fan, but I went through a phase with 100 Grande chocolate bars in high school and, since then, am really digging the chocolate/pretzel/something-sticky-and-sweet combo.

Don't be put off by the color of the chocolate. I was also kind of like 'meh, doesn't look too chocolaty.' No, it definitely was. Unexpectedly so, even:

The inside is chewy and chocolaty (not sure why I was expecting caramel? Maybe those 100 Grande bars...) and really hard to describe, but it worked. 

I really enjoyed this a lot, but (unlike the chocolate bar) it did have that slight protein bar flavor. You know what I mean? I like it, though, and it worked. Yum! The satiety factor is good for these bars, and the size is lovely (I like big bars and I cannot lie - millenium throwback, anyone?).

I also tried their 6:1 Cookies and Cream Bar. And then I kicked myself for not trying it earlier. Why didn't I? I mean, I only love cookies and cream ice cream. Oreos on ice cream with pb have been a fave since my Parent Trap days. And this just sounds like a great idea!

Especially since it's certainly a healthier snack than sugar and trans-fat loaded Oreos. Which are definitely okay for now and then, but don't need to be a big part of the daily diet!

These, however?

OH MY GOSH. They definitely just joined my protein bar hall of fame.

They're so chocolaty (just as chocolaty as the chocolate bar they sent) and have these crumbly bits all over the surface that taste just like oreos. But wait until you get to the inside.

Stick to your teeth creamy filling (think Kinderschokolade) on an Oreo-esque layer. This tasted like 100% decadent dessert (the kind that you eat with little spoons from some nice dessert restaurant, while sighing in delight and having a fabulous girl's night). Whoever invented these gets two thumbs up from me!

Seriously, though? I think I'm going to have to make a bar hall of fame. Just so I can put these at the very top. I've tried a LOT of bars, guys. This one? Just do it. These feels like sacrilege, but it even trumped my former favorites by a little, at least as a dessert. And I thought that would never happen!

Okay, now that I'm done gushing: on to the third and final segment of my post.

Teehee, I feel so Larry King. Let me just go grab a cane, some dentures, and a few surgically-enhanced women a third of my age.

Oh, wait. That would make them 6.333 years old. A little sketch, even for Larry...


There's going to be this really awesome fashion show (with a secret fashion insider celebrity guest! Past years have honored Anna Sui and Vera Wang!) this coming Friday, April 6 from 10pm to midnight.

If you're a fashion blogger or write for some other publication and will be in the Boston area then (and want to come, but why wouldn't you?) let me know ASAP. There are still a few tickets available, but probably not for long.

Email me at

What was your favorite childhood sweet/chocolate/cookie/snack product thingamajig?

Do you like ethnic cuisines?

Have you ever been to a fashion show?


  1. Oooooh,happy belated birthday,girly!
    I've honestly been thinking of you all time through since yesterday as I knew you were turning 19 either yesterday or today,but I didn't know what date it was exactly... Sorrysorrysorry! :(
    I hope you've had a great day though and don't feel too old now,hehe :P

    That cookies and cream bar blows me away,but who would have expected anything else from a bar-girly? ;) I need some new ones,seriously,though - I wish ordering online wasn't so darn expensive! :/

    1. No, thank you so much! I do feel old and it's so weird, but I love it!

      And haha, I try! But I know, boo money. Life should just be free. :P

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Thanks for entering my giveaway :)

  3. Aw, happy birthday pretty lady!
    I wish I lived in the area- I absolutely love fashion shows!

    And that wrap looks amaaazing. I feel the same way about having onion breath but I love the flavor so much, I usually just grin and bear the consequences. (:

    1. Thank you! And I sooooo agree, fashion shows are the best. But hello, you live in LA! No complaining. :P

  4. Ah-I don't know if my last comment posted but no matter, I'll post again. First, happy belated birthday! I hope it was grand!

    Second, I am super jealous of the protein bars you find. They always post such great stats!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty good at finding stuff. Sharing what I find is part of why I do the whole blogging thing! :P

  5. I hope you had an awesome 19th birthday!!! <3
    That chocolate and protein bar looks AMAZING! I want one right now! :D

  6. I love cookies and cream and chocolate and pretzel combos. Happy 19th!!!

    The fashion show sounds exciting! I've never been to one, but it sounds awesome!

    1. Fashion shows are the best! If you ever get the chance to go to one, GO.


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