Mar 23, 2012

Balance Bar Review and how to drink tea when it's hot!

I know that for the second part of that (epicly, unnecessarily long) title, you're like 'duh, put some ice in. How dumb is this LLE girl?'

Don't ask. I did manage to trip up stairs today.

On the other hand, I'm actually starting to understand a little bit of organic chemistry (major pat on the back for me!).


I don't have a freezer, so I don't have ice. Nor do I have air conditioning (yup, love those old dorms) so I can't do the whole 'drink the hot tea, cool off with A/C' thing. But I love tea! So what to do?

Stay tuned.

First: A BALANCE BAR REVIEW! Yay, cue the happy music! May I suggest 'There's Something in the Water' by Brooke Fraser? Instant smiles.

Just sayin'.


I'm usually into sticky protein bar type bars. But today? I was just craving a good old granola bar!

But y'all know I'm too spoiled for Quaker Chewy or even Kashi granola bars.

Oh, foodie problems.

So I tried Balance Bar's Sweet & Salty Chocolate Almond instead! Now, doesn't that just sound delicious?

And it's a pretty darn healthy snack, with 15g of protein (wowza) and 5g of fiber (love it).

It's a granola bar dipped in chocolate. That sounds like a great idea (and doesn't the flavor sound awesome?) but a great idea is nothing without an excellent execution.

Execution? EXCELLENT! It's crunchy and the almonds are almond-y, the chocolate is milk-chocolaty and the bar is a good, filling snack that really held me over through the afternoon organic chemistry review session.

Sounds like it did its job! And sorry, Quaker/Kashi. There's a new granola bar in town. :P

YAY!!! I'm sorry, I just have this thing for bars.

Haha, like you couldn't guess.

Anyway, ready for my hot weather tea solution (sans ice/fridge/freezer/air conditioning)?


It's actually pretty tasty! And y'all know that my head was spinning with ideas for things to mix the pretty green powder into (ice cream? yogurt? baked goods? freezer pops? pancakes? microwave cakes? oohlala). But the snag?

IT'S SO EXPENSIVE. Not cool, matcha. Not cool.

10 packets cost $20 at Whole Foods! I could go get iced tea from Starbucks at that price!

Have you ever tried Matcha? Do you know where to get it cheaper?

What's your favorite type of granola bar?


  1. I love matcha! I love the matcha green tea smoothie at Jamba Juice and the tazo green tea latte from SBUX.

    1. Is it always this expensive?? I just can't justify the price!

  2. MMm I love Balance Bars! They just sent me some to review as well and I can't wait to try them :)

  3. Another great review! That bar sounds deeelish and I am craving one right now! :D

  4. I've never had matcha yet because I don't like green tea,and well,matcha is... green tea? :P
    Anyhow,BARS... Oh my. These look so delicious. I love sticky potein bars,too,but sometimes,I just nees a good old crunchy (or chewy,depending on my mood!) granola bar! ;)

    1. If you don't like green tea, you won't like matcha. Lucky you, you can save your money!

      Exactly, it's all about variety. :)

      Says the girl who eats more peanut butter than an elephant (are peanuts actually an elephant snack, or is that just a cartoon joke?)

  5. That muesli bar has me swooning by the mention of almonds and choc together :D
    Definitely an awesome review!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Thanks! And seriously, who comes up with these awesome bar combos? Sounds like an enticing career!

  6. Starbucks' unsweetened passion iced tea is my fave, but their iced green tea is also delish! I'm just really loving iced drinks lately, since it's been so warm. That sucks though that you don't have A/C in your dorm! My dorm this year is pretty new so I have air conditioning, but last year my dorm building was super old, and they actually ran the heat from October to May, so that was really awful! However, my apartment for next year is also without air conditioning so I'll have to get used to it again.

  7. When I read "how to drink tea when it's hot," I thought this post was going to be about drinking freshly steeped hot tea without scalding your mouth. I was prepared to have my mind blown.

    But matcha is pretty cool, too.

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