Mar 12, 2012

The Fudge You Thought Was A Protein Bar: A Quest Bar Review

Hi guys!

Spring break is heeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee! I hope you've been enjoying the improved quality of my food as much as I have. Well, you haven't seen that much of it yet, but just wait. My WIAW is so much better than any that I've done in ages.

And yes, I've already written my WIAW. Yes, I know it's only Monday. Don't judge. :)

Anyway, in between dazzling myself with my culinary masterpieces, I have another protein bar review for you! Y'all know I love my bars. ;)

Anyway, this time it's the Quest protein bar.

Or is it?

I was all, 'oh, cool, protein bar samples!' And then 'whaaaaaaaat?' Because that bar certainly was nothing like a protein bar.

Nope, nope, nope. It was straight-up strawberry cheesecake fudge!

Seriously - sweet, chewy, rich and flavors so right! The mouth feel is an intersection of grandma's fudge and southern saltwater taffy. It definitely hits the ahhhhhh spot.

And with flavor and texture so sinful and dessert-like (not kidding, I actually had to pause to do a happy dance on more than one occasion while deliciating in the bar (it's a word, seriously!)

This was really good, but this was even better:

I mean, that combo - come on! Chocolate peanut butter is a match made in heaven!

Like a huge Reese's (if Reese's had only 1g of sugar, were sweetened with stevia, and packed not only 20g of protein but also 68% of your fiber RDI - no big deal).

Words won't suffice, so here's this instead: MMMMMHHHMMMMMMHMMMMMHHHHHMMM.

Then I had the chocolate brownie (these were all on different days, of course - these bars are really filling from all that protein and fiber!)

...which is actually a really fudgy chocolate brownie. 

Just like the one from your elementary school lunches. 

No joke. Try it...'ll see. 

Paired with a tangerine or a pear, they're becoming a new favorite bedtime snack.

The lemon cream pie is just as sweet, sticky, chewy, and fantastic as the rest. It has this tangy, refreshing lemon flavor that's really quite good - I dusted the bar in peanut flour for an interesting flavor contrast and it was quite tasty. ;)

And then there was the Berry Bliss bar ingested while trying to ingest orgo for the midterm I have coming up:

It really is quite blissful...

...and the berry flavor is nice and strong...

It's a delicious fruity dessert...

I mean, protein bar?

And let's not forget the apple pie.

To me, pie is all about the crust. So, since these are chewy-sweet bars, I'd call it more of apple crumble that apple pie...

But apple crumble has a special spot in my heart stomach, too. It's sweet and buttery and apple-y and basically makes me wonder how this can possibly be considered a protein bar. There is absolutely NONE of that protein bar taste (you know what I mean).

Frankly, at this point I was pretty scared to check out the nutritionals. I mean, how could this possibly be anything that I could actually consider a healthy midday/late night snack? But let's take a look at the Berry Bliss bar, since they all ended up being pretty similar nutritionally and this is the one that I happen to have a nutrition fact snapshot of:

BAM. Check it out. No sugar alcohols, no sugar, no soy protein, and most of my daily fiber. Not to mention, pretty good stats for fat and a whopping TON of protein. Oh yeah, stock me up!

The ingredients list is pretty short and contains stuff like whey protein isolate (sorry, vegans), milk protein isolate, almond butter (!!!), water, sea salt, and.... STEVIA!

This is only the second bar brand that I've ever been able to find that's sweetened with stevia and I'm thrilled. I know my other stevia fans out there are thrilled, too. :)

In addition to strawberry cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter, berry bliss, apple pie, lemon cream pie, and chocolate brownie, there's also vanilla almond crunch, PB&J (!), peanut butter supreme, cinnamon roll, and coconut cashew.

For now, I'm off to pat my tummy and sigh in delight.

Then I'll go use some of that protein to build some muscle - bringing rollerskating back into fashion! Me and my just-turned-seven year old sister are so going to trend it.

Anyone else have a Skateland date with a first grader tonight?


Didn't think so. It's soooo hard to be this cool.

Have you ever tried Quest bars?

Which flavor sounds best to you?

Do you rollerskate or rollerblade?

ADDENDUM: You can buy Quest Bars through LLE!

Try Quest Protein Bars!


  1. These bars look just like candy bars, except with so much more protein. 20g! I'm quite surprised at the low amount of sugar too. I don't really eat bars any more but I wouldn't mind giving these a try. I learnt how to roller blade a couple of years ago, but I haven't gone blading in quite a while.

    1. That's pretty much *exactly* what they are. You should try the bars, and you should definitely give blading another go - we had SOOOOO much fun! :)

  2. Does that say 200 calories? Oh my god. First, your review makes me want to find these now. Second, all that protein and fiber. Oh my god.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty crazy (and almost all of them are around 160-170...crazy).

  3. Thanks for all the reviews! I am a huge fan of bars (always have at least one with me!) and I love learning about and trying new ones!

    1. No problem! I love bars, too, and am glad that my reviews are useful! :)

  4. Woah. I need those bars. Really.
    Girly,we NEED to do a food swap somewhen,okay?

    1. Haha, sure. :) It sucks that the only way to get good bars in Germany is by ordering them online!

  5. These sound delicious! Apple pie, chocolate peanut butter, and brownie all sound right up my alley! I would be all over these if only it wasn't for the stevia.

  6. Holy cow - sounds delicious! I'm seriously going to have to find me some.

    1. I know, right?! I wish they were easier to find in stores.

  7. Wow what a detailed review!! I will have to try some of these flavors out! Thank you for the info :)

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