Mar 18, 2012

Pretty Spring 2012 Looks and a Snack

As the weather (finally!) warms up, I'm so excited to transition my wardrobe to spring. 

Buh-bye winter jackets and heavy, woolen sweaters! Hello, flirty summer dresses and cute shorts!

Who thought Lauren Conrad would come through for us? But check out the latest from Paper Crown:

Wow, girl.

That is, if she designs the stuff herself. What do you think?

Opening Ceremony also has my vote:

Have you seen their bee-inspired looks? Cute, but I don't know if I'd wear them.

I like the one to the far-right the best. What a lovely and ethereal dress. :)

I'm so excited for sandals (though, as a college student, I won't be rocking these Jeffrey Campbell heels - but a girl can dream, right?).

Okay, but how about we look at a few things that we could actually afford (without sacrificing too much of the textbook budget, that is), too?

$24.99 at Charlotte Russe - I haven't quite decided whether or not I like this, but the shoulders certainly are interesting...

But I know I like this:

$19.80 at Forever 21 - super cute with the shoes! While floral prints are a mixed bag for me, I do like the hi-lo trend that seems to be emerging in skirts (and shirts!) this spring. Especially with those cute sandals!

And a little piece of exciting fashion news (not that it's really that new anymore):


AH! So excited, especially if that's any sign of what's to come. :)

Oh, but I said there'd be a snack, too, right?

I'm a big fan of the nimble bars. They're small and great for when you just want a little something sweet or a snack to hold you over to the next meal.

The peanut butter flavor is just as good as the yogurt orange swirl.


What are you most excited for this season?

Which look/piece, above, do you like the best?


  1. I am most excited for being finished with my finals haha,but I'll have to wait a few months still,I fear...
    Anyways,I love skirts and dresses and I am looking forward so much to wearing them on a sunny and beautiful day! I am seriously sick of rainy weather and wearing winter jackets. :(
    I love that HiLo-skirt,by the way,it is super pretty!

  2. That F21 skirt is sooo cute! I want it now!

    I also love the Versace line, but I know it'll be over priced as the last one was. I know the designs are fabulous, but I don't want to pay $100 for anything at H&M!

    1. Ew, I hope it's not $100 for an H&M summer dress - still more affordable than regular Versace, I guess, but EW.

  3. I am beyond excited for spring clothes this year. I've never been a fan of bulky jackets and being forced to wear layers- I'm a warm-weather girl alllll the way! I'm most excited about all of the skirt trends this season, as well as the platform wedges and heels. They're so fun! And even though I'm already 5'9", I'll definitely be rocking them! <3

    1. Haha, good thing you live in LA! Your warm weather is sooooo long. :) You're 5'9'???? So jealous! I love platform wedges/heels, too, but I'm barely 5'4", so I need them!

  4. I love the hi-lo skirt look too! I've always wanted to try the maxiskirt trend, but since I'm only 5'1, it definitely wouldn't work on me but I think the hi-lo trend would since it's shorter in the front.

    1. I agree - I have high hopes for hi-lo. I tried the maxi skirt thing today and it was an epic fail (probs because I'm also vertically challenged and so I just looked like a walking lampshade - not a good look). Still, tomorrow should be just as beautiful as today and the great thing about fashion screw ups is that you can look so fabulous the next day that no one remembers!

      I hope. :P

  5. I love that dress at H&M. I know I will be buying it. I'm so glad someone shares such a fashion sense with me :)


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