Mar 10, 2012

Smoothies and Smooth Chocolate

I got these really cool (can I go so far as to say revolutionary?) 5:1 chocolate bars in the mail from the 2:1 Protein Bar company (yeah, they're all about protein-carb ratios - nutritional stats can't get more transparent than this). So last night (see how I'm at home? yay!!!) I decided to try a chocolate bar (alongside with the second Twilight movie - yes, I've read all the Twilight books and just watched the second - not very good - movie). 

It looks like a milk chocolate bar - good size, good color, and it certainly doesn't look like it has 15g of protein or only 2g of sugar.

And then I bit into it.

It sure doesn't taste like it has 15g of protein or only 2g of sugar!

Like a creamier Kit Kat - some of the best milk chocolate I've ever had outside of Milka and definitely outside of Germany. And that's just based on taste - so delightfully creamy and fantastic and not a protein bar at all, just a chocolate bar.

A fantastically delicious chocolate bar. YUM.

Also, Edward > that hairy guy. Edward is kind of Mr. Darcy-esque (a little paler and blood-thirstier, but whatever) and who doesn't want Mr. Darcy? For some reason, though, everyone I know prefers the hairy guy.

They're weird.

After a late night of silliness with the sis, I decided to wake up with a smoothie.

Blueberries and strawberries in this one! Man, have I missed smoothies - even if it's cold, I just really wanted one. :P Topped with cheerios and oats (oh, and I definitely added craisins and peanuts later):

Yummy breakfast. :)

Of the three biggies (Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games) which is your favorite?

Have you tried 5:1 chocolate bars or 2:1 protein bars?

What are your spring break plans?


  1. those bars sound awesome!!! I'm definitely checking them out right now. thanks for the review!

    I gotta say i love Twilight...I am so excited for Hunger Games though too!

    1. No problem - and I *still* haven't read the Hunger Games. I need to get on that! I have no idea what they're about!

  2. That 5:1 chocolate bar sounds amazing. Any protein bar compared to a kit kat? I'm in! I'll definitely be on the look out for those. Favorite would be Harry Potters first and last movie. Every movie in between was a bore. Twilight movies are just.. no. And Hunger games I have no idea what that is really although everyone obsesses over it.

    1. I can't even call it a protein bar, because that might be what it is nutritionally - but in no other way! I absolutely loathed the third and fourth Harry Potter movie. Couldn't watch them *at all.* And yeah, the Twilight movies? Just not very good...

  3. Woah,that chocolate bar sounds amazing! Milka seriously is a great brand,isn't it? One thing I like about germany at least,haha :P

    1. Germany is VERY good at chocolate (so is this bar, haha). I love Germany!

  4. The bars aren't label complaint. The company was just lost a class action lawsuit because of false labels....


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