Apr 21, 2012

2:1 Protein Bar Review: Peanut Butter Brownie Time!

First off: can anyone believe that it's already almost May? Where is 2012 going? Where is my sophomore year of college going? How is time flying like this?

But really.

But so much has already happened in 2012! And now I can add finding a new fave brownie to the list. Thanks, 2:1 protein bars! :)

That's a little fuzzy, sorry - it's a big bar with 300 calories, a quarter of your daily iron needs (I'm looking at you, fellow veg*ns!), and a whopping 30 g of protein. WOWZA.

Candy bar on the outside...

Peanut butter topped brownie on the inside...

...tasty through and through. Not to mention filling! This kept me full and energized through a crazy afternoon of busy-ness!

Haha, the college girl's life. :P

But when it includes treats like this?

Bring it on.

Oh, and if you don't love chocolate (what's wrong with you? let's not be friends...kidding!) :

Then there's white crispy crunch.

Which really delicious (think buttercream frosting on a reallllly good birthday cake - not the weird food coloring kind).

With crumbles for the actual cake part of the birthday cake effect. Haha, do you know anyone who likes their cake:frosting ratio like that?

Um, everyone?

But warning: this is just as decadent as it is delicious. I could only eat about half in one sitting (which is saying something, because y'all KNOW how much I can eat).

That's a good thing, though. It means you get to eat it twice!

On a non-food note: I've been trying to reply to everyone's comments individually since I started the blog, but I've kind of been thinking that I'd rather just focus more on posts than comment responses. I love reading all of your comments, though! So:

Does it matter if I comment back or don't? Would you still comment if I didn't reply? I'd never stop reading them, of course! They make my day!

What's your favorite peanut butter-and-?? combo?

What's your favorite brownie-and-?? combo?

Any fun summer plans?


  1. Those both look really good and the stats are nuts. As far as commenting back, I normally use a general rule of thumb that if it's an important question or something they are clearly interested in then I will. If they are commenting about the blog and just sort of spectating then I normally won't. I think that makes sense.

  2. I love bars that are covered with chocolate and have some sort of crunch on the outisde. it adds so much more texture and flavor and it's so much more enjoyable to eat!

    I can't believe it's almost May either...May isn't my fav month though (Allergies, school work being crammed down your throat, etc.) But when June rolls around, I'll be one happy gal :)

  3. I'm not really a fan of the chocolate-coated bars since they're way too rich for me, but my favorite brownie combo is brownies with raspberries...mmm! And my favorite PB combo is PB and raisins or grapes.

    I like when people comment back, but I don't think you have to for every single commment, maybe only if you just have something to say in response.

  4. Nomnomnom... White chocolate's my fave! <3
    And hey - Peanut Butter's great with anything,isn't it?! :P

    Of course I'd still comment if you didn't reply! I love your replies and everything,yes,but in the end,I comment because I want you to remember me,hehe :P

    1. Yay! Thank you so much! And of course I remember you, I think you're awesome :) I love reading your comments!

  5. What awesome looking protein bars! They look so delicious! <3


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