Apr 14, 2012

Chia Love and PureFit Reviews

This post isn't going to be super-wordy. If a picture can say a thousand words, why not use pictures to describe the deliciousness of recent eats?

For today, I'm sticking to recent chia seed creations and four new (to me) PureFit bars.

This one gets to come first, because I'm doing the opposite of 'save the best for last' today. WOW. I really enjoyed all of the PureFit flavors, but this is amazing!

It's like a half-baked peanut butter cookie with crunchy peanuts!

Chia pudding (new addiction) made with blueberries, honey, and vanilla almond milk:

A different bowl, but the same stuff (because this is was so good it had to be repeated):

Close-up! I love blueberries. Of the (fresh) berries, I'm currently liking, in this order:

1) Raspberries
2) Blueberries
3) Blackberries
4) Strawberries
5) Boysenberries

The chocolate brownie PureFit bar was quite tasty, too (oh, and for those of you with special diets - note that these are gluten free and vegan!)

And their ingredients lists are pretty decent.

I wouldn't say that it tasted like a brownie (at least not to me). The texture isn't quite brownie, nor is the flavor. But that doesn't mean it wasn't delicious - it was!

It was just delicious in a 'ooh, here's a bunch of chocolaty nut butter in chewy form' kind of way. Works for me!

Chia pudding made with blueberries, vanilla almond milk, brown sugar, and matcha.

I used too much milk, so it was a bit runny. How to solve this problem? Throw cereal in!

Problem solved, deliciousness achieved. :) If only organic chemistry were this easy...

I liked this so much that I made the next batch runny on purpose - Kashi Heart to Heart joined the party!

While peanut butter crunch PureFit was a cleeear favorite, Almond Crunch is really tasty, too.

Similar ingredients list (there isn't too much variation between them):

And a nice almond flavor with the signature PureFit chewy texture (and crunchy bits for a party in my mouth!)

This was delicious, but it didn't have PureFit Peanut Crunch's half-baked-cookie oomph factor. How do they do that???

Still: a very yummy bar. 

And I'm pretty sure that, with this granola crunch bar, I have tried every single flavor of Pure Fit Bars.

It was a delicious journey.

This bar is best enjoyed with a handful of berries on the side. If you're a granola, or an oatmeal & nut butter, fan, you'll really like this bar.

Alright, now I actually do need to go work on my stats project.

Tata for now, my lovelies! :)

Have you tried PureFit bars?

What foods have you been really into lately?


  1. I have not tried purefit bars but they look amazing! I have taken the names of protein bars as grains of salt...they say "brownie" or "cookie dough" but I have yet to find one that tastes the same as a cookie bahhaa.

    1. I know, the names can be a stretch sometimes :P

  2. ooh those bars sound awesome! plus i love the protein count in them :)

    1. Protein is so important for us veg*ns - especially since you're an athlete, right?

  3. those pure fit bars look amazing! and the chia pudding mixed with berries looks great too - especially topped with that kashi heart to heart cereal :)

    1. OMG yes. Sorry, I'm about to have a Legally Blonde night and I'm already spewing pink, OMGs, and like totallys in preparation. :P

  4. I really need some chia seeds now so I can make puddings like you do! Lately I've really been loving overnight oats topped with crushed pretzels, raisins, peanut flour paste and a drizzle of raw honey--there's just something delicious about that random combo!

    1. OOOOOOOOOOH that sounds so good! I think that would be even better with regular peanut butter, because the richness would be crazy awesome :)

  5. I have yet to make the famous chia pudding...looking forward to it though!

    And those PB bars look really could...of course, I'm nuts about PB! :)

    1. The nut butter addiction is no joke.

      But really.

  6. Of course,I have NOT tried Pure Bars yet,but they sound really yummy! ;)
    I've been LOVING apples lately. I guess it's because I couldn't stomach them for such a long time,but now that I found out about that I am able to enjoy them again,I am ADDICTED!

    1. Apples are so good! An apple chopped in yogurt with granola, raisins, and peanut butter/mixed nuts on top is such a good snack! Try it :)

  7. That PB crunch flavor sounds AH-MAZING! :)
    Man, I really need to get some chia seeds..

    1. Why are all bloggers addicted to PB?

      Better question: why isn't EVERYONE addicted to PB? Soooooo good!


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