Apr 28, 2012

Jen Kao S/S '12 Collection

So this is a little overdue.

But better late than never, right?

If you've been reading LLE for a while now (and thanks, by the way, to everyone who does!) you may remember that there was a super-cool fashion show at Harvard earlier this month. You just know that I was all over that from the very first minute that I heard about it!

Seriously, what's better than fashion shows? No, but really?

Anyway, the featured designer was Jen Kao. If you're fashion-obsessed, like myself, you probably know this young designer and (as must logically ensue) adore her. If you don't, though, here's why you should (I'm going to limit myself to the collection that she showed at the Harvard fashion show, her spring/summer 2012 collection, as this would otherwise become an epic post).

She's not afraid to go for interesting colors, prints, and patterns.

Because it is so easy to make cheap imitations of almost anything today, a lot of people are saying that prints and unique fabrics are going to be the stuff of the next wave of haute couture - it's the only kind of thing that needs to be painstakingly created and so it remains exclusive to the select few that can afford it.

On one hand I wonder if it's really good to create expensive fashion with the goal of appearing expensive. On the other hand, I do think that there's something to be said for maintaining the 'high art' sense of haute couture by keeping the artistry in it and not having it mass-replicated in Chinese sweat shops. Imagine doing that to a Picasso. Do you know what I mean?

She takes risks, but nails it every time. Her collection is light, airy, fashionable, fitted, loose, edgy, modern, retro - all at the same time.

She keeps fashion fun and young, not getting caught up in what others have done and what others are doing. Everything is uniquely her. And even if somethings look a little arts & crafty, they all look AMAZINGLY so.

Yes, it's high fashion - but it's accessible high fashion. I would totally wear this out on the street! I absolutely love the mixing of the school girl style, with the edgier top and the bad*** sneakers.

Seriously, though - what's not to love?

Also, she's just genuinely a sweet person (at least in the half an hour or so that I had with her). Love it!

Currently snacking on:

A blueberry acai Balance Bar.

As I've mentioned before, I tend to prefer chewy protein bars. I really am a bar aficionado, though, and believe in equal opportunity for all bars.

These are great for when that chew granola bar craving hits - with 15g of protein, 4g of fiber, and 7g of whole grains, they sure beat the Chewy bar of my childhood.

The blueberry-acai flavor was interesting (in a good way) with the blueberry featured as the predominant flavor, but the acai adding that subtle something extra that really brought the bar up to awesome. The yogurt coating was the icing on the cake bar.

And for when you want a chewy, chocolaty bar (um, always?):

The Balance Bar is very Snickers like in every way...

Except nutritionally - no sugar crash here. Instead, it kept me energized through the most massive laundry session EVER.

Don't get behind on your laundry. Seriously.

But if you do - have a yummy treat to power you through. :)

Or this one:

Which actually does taste liked a bulked-up-Thin-Mint-meets-Andes.

Am I weird because I like bars better than cake? Y'all know I love bars - sooooo yummy!

What's your favorite look in the Jen Kao collection?

Who's your favorite up-and-coming designer of the moment?


  1. my favorite was the dress with the raised collar!

  2. Hmm,interesting! Pretty unusual,but definitely not in a negative way. :)
    I also like the dress with the raised collar best. I'd really like to wear it on a sunny summer's day!
    Oh,and no,you're not weird. Bars are better than cake. Cookies. Muffins. Cupcakes... To be continued. :P


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