May 5, 2012

New Gluten Free Cookies from Nana's!

For all of you who, like me, are now at the end of your reading period and have big scary exams next week (ahhh! the horror!) here's a sweet distraction.

Not like I need any more distractions. Instead of being a good pre-med and locking myself in my room to do orgo until my brain hurts, I have an exciting (to me) event today.

But being a good pre-med is overrated. I'd rather be sane and enjoy my varied interests. Which is not to say that I haven't been studying like a mad(wo)man.

I have.

Anyway, where's that distraction I promised you?


Do you guys remember Nana's Cookies from my earlier review? Waaaay back when I'd just started LLE?

So okay, it's only been about 10 months - not quite a year yet. But still!

Anyway, Nana's Cookies are these amaaaazing gluten-free, whole-grain, refined-sugar-free, natural treats that moms can feel good about feeding their kids.

And heck, I can feel good about feeding myself. :P

Anyway, they have new cookies out! YAY! I love when my favorite companies make new stuff - innovation is exciting!

Especially when it's as delicious as these gluten-free lemon cookies. I don't foresee these staying in the prototype stage for very long! They're waaaaay too delicious to be this real.

But they are.

They're dense and buttery and really sweet, like the best gourmet mall cookies of your childhood. The lemon flavor is tart and fresh, the texture perfect.

This completely satisfied even my crazy sweet tooth. Thanks, Nana!

Oh, and speaking of new things (and lemons) stay tuned for a giveaway in the very near future!

What do you call your grandmother?

What's your favorite kind of baked good?

How do you prepare for major exams?


  1. Oh yes! That cookie looks amazing and guilt free? I'll be checking her you want too or not. ;)

    1. Haha, it's coming this week! Not cookies, though, sadly. They need to leave the prototype stage so I can do a giveaway!

  2. This looks so delicious! Makes me want to do product reviews again haha ;)

    1. Product reviews are so much fun! Thanks for stopping by - it totally reminded me that I haven't been over to your drool-worty blog in a while!

  3. I looove lemon cookies and this one looks absolutely awesome!
    I call my grandmother "Oma",you sure know that word from your time here in Germany,don't you? :P
    Oooooh,and will the giveaway be international this time? Pretty pretty please!

    1. Me, too! I miss Germany. But ugh, I'm soooooo sorry - it's really hard to find a US food company that's willing to do an international giveaway (shipping costs are OBSCENE). I'll just have to bring a suitcase full of American stuff for you next time I come to Germany :)

  4. You always have the most interesting products to try! These look fantastic :)

  5. I usually love lemon flavored stuff! And this cookie looks so pullable and chewy!

    1. It was! And you're going to love my giveaway :)

  6. I love product reviews! They really help me decide if something is worth the money and they make me want to go out and buy the new product immediately...which isn't so good for my wallet ;)

    1. DITTO.

      But then they taste so good that I can't even be upset over the suffering wallet :P

  7. Yay for a product review! I agree with what Ashley said, so helpful for me to know what other people's thoughts are so then I can choose to send my money somewhere accordingly haha
    These cookies do in fact look great!


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