May 20, 2012

NYC Realities : True or False Style

Yippeedidoda, I'm a New Yorker! For a month - of course that counts, silly! :P

Anyway, here are some realities of life in New York (as learned by me in the full week and a half that I've been here).

True or False

1) It's 2AM, so of course it isn't acceptable for the decibel level on the streets to reach eardrum endangering levels.


2) Being female and in public AT THE SAME TIME is an open invitation for all manner of guys, ages 6 to 66, to hit on you in the most ridiculous ways.

TRUE. And preferably in a language that may/may not be rooted in English and/or have a functional grammar/spelling system.

3) Taking a cab anywhere (if you're lucky enough to actually CATCH a cab - they're an elusive species) is a great way to expand your vocabulary.

4) Remember how your parents used to tell you not to give money to beggars, because they might just want to use it for alcohol/drugs? The new breed just tell you from the get-go that that's what they want!

TRUE. But actually. And yes, people do give them money.

5) No matter where you live, paying rent will make you cry.

TRUE. Sadly, so very true.

6) You can wear anything in New York and people won't even think about it.

TRUE. But actually. I love it, though, it's so freeing - and New York ends up having the best people watching because of it! You don't even need cable here.

7) Balance Bar Yogurt Honey Peanut tastes delicious with a handful of craisins and mixed nuts.


So very true.


City, Country, or Suburbs - what's your favorite?


  1. Hahaa I love this! And I definitely have to try the Yogurt Peanut! You've already inspired me to buy the Luna Proteins :)

    1. Try it with craisins, oh my gosh - party in my mouth :)

  2. Hehe,this is cool :)
    I live rurally and love it,big cities are just not for me. I'd love to visit NYC one day though,it must be super fascinating!

    1. Little German villages are so full of charm - I love them, too! I'm just not a suburb person at all...

  3. City all the way! I've never been to NYC though, definitely need to get on that :)

  4. I love NY! I used to go every winter until the economy got bad. Enjoy yourself!!

  5. OMG! I am beyond jealous that you're in NYC! It is literally my dream to live there! And hopefully it will become a reality once I go to college ;). I totally can't wait to dress in crazy outfits that are probably not that "crazy", but seem crazy for people in Hawaii. AND I can't wait to walk the streets and feel the hustle and bustle of it all :D. It would be neat if we could meet one day there and frolic around central park!

    1. Good luck! Are you going for NYU? I don't live here, though, so I won't be here when you are (probably) - I'm just here for a month for an internship! I'm loving every second, though :)

  6. I love the city! I really want to move to either Phoenix or a big city in California like San Francisco or San Diego when I'm done with college. Right now I live in a rural-ish area of a smaller city and I love how it's pretty quiet and forested here but I love the sights and sounds of big cities.


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