May 22, 2012

P28 High Protein Bread Review

I've been seeing P28 High Protein Bread floating around in the blogosphere and have been super curious about it.

High protein bread? How does that work?

Answer: WELL. I shouldn't have been so surprised, considering the yumminess of high protein baked goods.

Anyway, this bread was fantastic!

We'll start with the stats, for those of you that are interested:

14 whopping grams of protein! Vegetarian love <3 And since I am a carboholic...

And the bread is sooo good. It's a little different than regular whole wheat bread - it has more chew. It also has a nuttier flavor (see the little seeds in there?) but I love it. I like it better than "normal" bread!

And the slices are nice and big (and thick) - not complaining! I don't like whimpy little slices of bread. :p

Do you like bread butts?

Have you ever tried P28 bread or bagels?


  1. I like bread butts! But only when they're fresh. When they're as tough as leather,they're ugh.

  2. I always skip over the bread butts because for some reason they weird me out haha! I wish there would be some kind of high protein bread for vegans since this kind has whey. It's always nice to get a protein boost from carbs ;)


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