May 28, 2012

Summer Style Must-Haves

It won't officially be summer for a while, but for me (and many of you, I imagine) it's been summer for a while.

Summer started for me right after my organic chemistry final exam and I have to admit - I was verrrrry happy to trade Cambridge laboratories for NYC cafes - they just don't compare!

Anyway, summer brings a new style season, too. Summer trends can be pretty hit-or-miss sometimes - anyone remember that mesh tanktop trend?

Luckily for us, this summer's trends are actually looking really good!

Summer 2012 Style Must-Haves

Floral prints are back with a vengeance - they're no longer just for grannies and curtains.

spring summer 2012 fashion trends

To pull off the look, pair your floral jeans/shorts with a simple summer shoe (sandals, flip flops, etc. - anything open-toed works better than sneakers or ballet flats), a simple white top, and a neutral bag. You don't want to add in too many prints, or other pieces in crazy colors, or you'll end up overwhelming yourself and the look with too much competition for attention.

Especially if you're on the west coast (whoot-whoot, LA in three weeks!) you don't want to forget to get a pair of the high-waisted, studded Runwaydreamz jeans shorts that are trending so hard right now.

Pair them with a simple top, preferably tucked in, or a crop top to get the full effect. If the price point, about $150 per pair, doesn't quite do it for you, several brands are coming out with ripoffs. Try Levi's or check out Etsy to find a more budget-friendly option.

Just be careful if you're traveling in them - TSA probably won't love the studs as much as I do!

While we're on the rocks(ish) train of thought, statement necklaces are making yet another comeback. Seriously, it often doesn't make sense to get rid of items when they're dated - just wait a few years and they'll be in again!

This time, it's all about sparkle and stones, the bigger the better. While I was at my boss's house in Connecticut, prepping for a tech meetup that her startup hosts each month, we had Celebrity Apprentice running on the TV in the background (I know, I know - I love my boss). I can't find a picture of it now, but Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (guilty pleasure, much?) was rocking a really awesome statement necklace. My boss and I couldn't stop gushing over it.

The trick to pulling off the statement necklace, other than having strong shoulder and neck muscles to hold up all that bling, is to pair it with a solid colored dress or top. Again, you don't want too much competition or business in your outfit. Especially with this trend of oversized statement necklaces, it's easy to look like you dipped into your childhood collection of costume jewelry. If you're over the age of thirteen, that's probably not a good look for you. Keep it simple, keep it classy.

The last must-have on today's list (see how I'm limiting myself?) is, of course. a shoe. Life needs shoes

Or maybe that's just me. Is anyone else out there a shoe addict? Recovery is not in my future.

Much as I love ankle-breaker heels, we all know that heels + walking  = the ER. Summer often means internships or jobs or subway commutes and it's best to have comfy footwear. After all, ER visits aren't cheap and that's money you could be spending on more shoes!

Whoop-de-doo for us, thong sandals are super hot this summer!

While their super-flat footbeds may not be the best thing for our arches and backs, either, they're a good deal safer than stilettos. Whether you go with sleek and simple, like above, or with a more complicated or bedazzled design, the common requirement for pulling off this look is a good pedicure. I'm a big fan of red toenails, they just make me feel so much sassier and glam instantly!

Okay, now I just have to share my latest non-style discovery (and addiction) because it's just that good:

Whyohwhyohwhyohwhy was there only one season? This became my insta-fave for tv and then I went to get the second season and GAH. 

Anyway, I just became a Lisa Kudrow fan. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Then cry when you realize there are no more episodes.

Seriously, though - Jersey Shore gets who-knows-how-many seasons and this only gets one? 

Life is unjust.

What are your favorite TV shows? That's a purely selfish question - I need ideas!

What are you hoping to add to your summer wardrobe this season?

What's your favorite season of the year for fashion?


  1. This is a great style post, thanks for putting it all together :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, this is the most fun I've had in a while - I'll have to do it again! :)

  2. Ooooh my gosh I HATE thong sandals SO much...! I think they look just... weird. Love flip flops though,I need a new pair this year,thanks for the reminder! :P

    1. WHAT? We can't be friends.

      Hahahahaha, I'm sooooooooooo just kidding - I love it that we have different tastes, that makes style so fun! I *adore* thong sandals and thing it's marvelous that you don't (and you admit it)!

      Why is it that Germans seem to be harder to find flip flops in Germany? My cousin would always stock up when she came to visit, haha.

  3. I want a pair of floral pants-though I'm behind the times and don't even have colored jeans yet. I'd love to see more fashion posts! (mostly to help me ;))

    1. Oh dear Lord, I remember a pair of deep purple skinny jeans that I had. *Shudders* Colored jeans and I are not friends. YAAAAAAAAAY! Loving this positive feedback, I'm so excited to do more of these!

  4. I love the thong-style sandals! I just bought myself a pair online from American Eagle because they were on sale and shipping was free. I'm so excited to wear them because they're more "glam" than my other thong-style sandals but still totally versatile. And of course, easy to walk around in!

    1. I've decided that I should only buy clothes/accessories/shoes online when there's free shipping - I was wasting SOOOO much money on shipping! Besides, shopping in person is so much fun. :)

  5. Florals are the! I seriously own too many floral things, but hey, you can never have enough right??

    My favorite show is Gossip Girl!
    And I literally made a HUGE shopping list of things I want which include: high waisted shorts, maxi skirts, jean vests, flowy floral tops, and turquoise jewelry!

    1. NEVER!

      I went through a Gossip Girl phase - but only after it was the 'in' show. In high school everyone watched it, but I didn't see a single episode. In college, though? Hulu = procrastination.

      I neeeed some high waisted shorts in my life, but I'm pretty hit-and-miss about the maxi skirts and jean vests. Sometimes they're cute, but sometimes they can look awful. Flowy tops and funky jewelry are always fun, though!


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