Jun 1, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Tyra Banks

Happy June, guys!

Ever had one of those moments where your sheer brilliance astounds even you? Like when you do something so smart and come up with an idea so ingenious that you knock your own socks right off?

Well this isn't one of those moments. Quite the contrary, actually. I was planning to post about my cafe, restaurant, and diner excursions in the city today and had saved up all of my pictures on my memory card. I wasn't really paying all that much attention when I put the memory card in my computer and I put it in the disk drive by mistake!

Once I realized what it happened, it was too late - it was definitely one of those slow moment noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind of things as I let go of the memory card. My MacBook Pro sucked it in and I couldn't get it back out. GAH! Here comes the really dumb part. Since I couldn't get my memory card out, since its too small, I decided to stick in a DVD, too.

I know y'all are all rolling your eyes at me right now, but bear with me - I suck at technology and I thought maybe the memory card would surf on out of my laptop on the DVD.

Nope. No such luck. Instead, now I can't get the memory card OR the DVD out! I'm going to have to go to the Apple store and have them open up my laptop, but they already said that the memory card and DVD will both be destroyed. And I might have done damage to the hard drive (whatever that is - but if an itty bitty memory card can damage it, it can't be that hard. Right?) Anyway, MEH.

But obviously this means today's post has to be a little different. Since my computer just ate all of my food pictures (boooooo). 

So I've decided to do a fashion post, instead. Being in New York City is great for many reasons, but just the sheer fashion is definitely one of the first ones that come to mind! 

Just walking around, there are so many different people, cultures, styles, etc. that you can't help but be inspired! Since I'd feel a wee bit awkward taking pictures of random strangers, however, I'm going to do this fashion inspiration about a celebrity whom I adore and whose fashion is always fun (even if it doesn't always work).

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration:

She can pull off the craziest things, proving that if you really want to rock a look, but you know it's a bit of a hit-or-miss thing, you really just need to commit to rocking the look. If you go halfway, it'll probably be a miss. And if you go all the way?

Well, it still might be a miss - but you'll look fantastic, anyway.

She understands the beauty of a simple white dress now and then.

Though I have to ask - what is up with her hair?

And sometimes she's just a hot mess, but she's okay with it! She shows that it's okay to have a look crash and burn.

Like this fanny pack look. No, just because it's from a designer, does not mean it's fashionable.

It's not.

She embraces color.

Tyra Banks
She finds fun takes on otherwise boring pieces - like this white blouse:

She has fun with fashion (though the jumpsuit thing happens way too often - not a fan).

Last (for today) but not least, she's also an inspiration for women everywhere. When Tyra hit her mid-20s, she started developing curves and couldn't fit into her runway-ready size four anymore. Instead of starving herself to fit the agency standard, Tyra owned who she was - and after that was when she became the hugely successful supermodel that she is today.

"We [Tyra and her mom] sat in a tiny pizzeria in Milan and strategized about how to turn my curves into a curveball. In a way, it was my decision not to starve myself that turned me into a supermodel, and later on, a businesswoman." - Tyra Banks

I've heard plenty of intelligent women say the dumbest things about their bodies. Just the other day, a thin friend of mine said that she needs to go on a diet, because her size two pants were getting tight. If you're in a healthy weight range and your pants are getting tight, the answer should be obvious - get pants that fit your body, don't try to make your body fit your pants

Why are your pants more important than you? When in life does your pant size actually matter? Nature (or God, or whatever you believe in) made your body a certain way for a certain reason - and trust me, you look your best when you with what's natural for you. Often, artificial just doesn't look good - whether it's a curvy girl trying to be a stick or a very pale girl trying to get an H&M tan.

Anyway, randomly, I just think Tyra Banks is stunning inside and out.

Who's YOUR favorite supermodel?


  1. Oh my god. Tyra Banks is my number one favorite celebrity ever. I'm obsessed with America's Next Top Model. I love her for the fact that she isn't afraid of any look to try and pull off.

  2. Tyra Banks is awesome! She's too funny :P!
    Remember Life Size? Ah, late-90s Disney movies !!

  3. When I come to think of it...She and her show, ANTM is the reason that I got hooked into makeup. I just want to do all those crazy fashion shoots that they do... I even tried to go to casting calls, but alas my height got the better of me. so I figured to just do it myself. :) btw, just followed you, hope you would too... and keep them fashion inspirations coming girl... It's giving me a lot of ideas on new make up looks haha! thanks a lot!



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