Jun 17, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Tinkerbell

My sister loves Tinkerbell.

Like loooooooves her. Whenever we go to Disney World (I LOVE DISNEY WORLD!) she has to get anything and everything Tinkerbell themed.

Oh, you guys thought I was talking about my seven-year-old sister? No, I'm talking about my big sister - the one who's about to turn twenty-one.

She's quite the character.

And that actually kind of looks like her, other than that I've never seen her wear that shade of lipstick (no comment on the rest).

Anyway, point of story - if you're kind of obsessed with Tinkerbell (* cough, cough *) but you're past the age when it's acceptable to just wear Tinkerbell everything (because that time does come, guys), you can still be inspired by her look.

Note: This is Tinkerbell-inspired, with emphasis on the inspired - no, none of these pieces are meant to match those from any of her actual (or virtual? whatever) outfits.

Women's Headband from HappyHolmzCreations, Etsy $10.00

Chiffon Racerback Cami, Forever 21 $17.80

Make sure to tuck the top into the skirt - that's the difference between flattering, light and summery vs. bulky and unflattering!

Essential Hi-Lo Skirt, Forever 21 $13.80

Haertel Sandals, Aldo $27.99 (on sale from $80.00)

The whole outfit, including shoes and accessories, comes to a total price of $69.59.

What's your FAVORITE piece of the above?

Where's one random source of fashion inspiration for you?


  1. My sister is quite a character too...not always in a good way though. :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

  2. I love the skirt! It's just perfect for summer and so light :)


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