Jun 22, 2012

The Look for Less: Steal Sara Paxton's Class

You may or may not know Sara Paxton (Aquamarine, anyone?) but she's an absolutely stunning actress who had a few big things and seems to be laying low at the moment. 

Maybe she's working on a new project? Maybe she's not acting anymore? Maybe she's gone the indie route?

Who knows.

Anyway, just because she isn't in any recent blockbusters doesn't mean that we can't all want her effortlessly classy look.

It's The Look For Less time again, yay!

Here's how to put together this look on a normal girl's budget.

Top - $15.80, Forever21

Pants - $41.94 ( on sale for $69.99 ), Express

Belt - $19.94, Old Navy

Since the pants are so long, you can budget cut a corner with the shoes and just throw on a pair of heels that you already have.

Or flats. Shhhh, I won't tell - your secret is safe with me.

After all,  je n'aime pas twisted ankles.

The outfit total comes to $77.68. Not too shabby for a red carpet outfit!

Who's your favorite actress/actor who's fallen off the radar?

Do you watch Indie flicks? No judgment whatsoever, because personally? I like big budget movies with their feel-good story lines, aesthetically pleasing filmography, and amazeballs wardrobe.


  1. Great summer look! I just got a new chambray shirt at Madewell and can't wait to wear it with white shorts!

  2. I love that you singled out this classic look to replicate. I know it probably sounds weird, but I always wondered what happened to the girl from Schindler's List--she was so beautiful and then she barely has done anything since. Happy weekend to you!
    xo Mary Jo

  3. This is a really chic look, I love the idea of white pants in the summer time.

  4. I'm a fan of chambray shirts. Especially when worn with worn pants/shorts. Cute look.

    Quiet Luxury

  5. Such a great look.. classic and chic! White pants in the summer are just sooo right :)

  6. She does look stunning!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post <3

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  7. great picks!



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