Jun 10, 2012

The Look For Less: Steal Taylor Swift's Look

Have you ever seen an outfit and just wanted it? It's no surprise (considering their impressive wardrobe allowances and skillful stylists) that this happens pretty often with celebs.

I thought it might be a fun little project to see how to put together one of these looks on a normal girl's budget!

Outfits that cost the same as a semester's tuition? No thanks.

I chose to do a classy, casual Taylor Swift's look today:

Here's how to get it:

Skirt - $68.00, nastygal.com

Sweater - $43.11, La Redoute

Bag - $29.99, Target

Note: don't you dare call it Tar-jay! I overheard someone calling it that the other day (the worst part? They were serious) and I almost choked on my banana.

Just don't do it. It's a hazard to banana-eaters everywhere. :P

Shoes - $19.99, Payless ShoeSource

I'm sorry, but I just had to change the shoes. Like Stacy from What Not to Wear, I loooooove a red heel.

The pinkish-purplish pumps Taylor Swift rocks are cute, but the red pumps really make the outfit special. She's a smart girl, though - love that modest heel!

No one looks cute staggering around and grimacing.

No one.

Anyway, outfit total comes to $161.09. Considering that the price includes heels and a handbag, that's really not too shabby - and I'm willing to bet it's a heck of a lot less than what Taylor's outfit cost her!

Do you like the classic, conservative look, or do you find it boring?

What height of heel do you USUALLY wear? 

What's your favorite color for pumps?


  1. I really love it! Simple, classy and stylish (:

  2. I love Tailor Swift! And her outfits,obviously. :)
    If I wear heels,I wear approximately 6cm... No idea about inches,but anyways. :P

    1. I pretty much shriek whenever Love Story comes on, just fyi :P

  3. I love Taylor Swifts look. So classy and I like this idea you got going on here. I would love to see more celebrity steals. I really like the yellow skirt and I am thinking I might buy it. And yes-red heals. Classic and winning. I have three pairs.

    1. Will do! These are so much fun! :) I love the yellow skirt, too, the micro pleats are adorable and the color is so fun. Mustard is the next black, haha - jk!

  4. I like classic style with a bit of a edge (like 1 accessory or shoes that are edgy) I'm obsessed with spikes!

  5. I love Taylor Swift and her looks as well! Thanks for the suggestions here.. quite helpful for me as I feel I lack a fashion sense :)

    1. So not true, everyone has a fashion sense! Some people just don't know it :)

  6. Gorgeously curated!
    And LOL - your comment about Tarjay sure had me cracking a smile!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Found your blog via sweetfineday.

    1. Thanks for commenting/stopping by! I hope you do again :)

  7. OMG I LOVE this post! I adore fashion and used to be obsessed with style shows that did things like this, recreating looks for less! Awesome job! I really love that skirt and all of the colors go wonderfully together :-)!

    1. Thank you, it was really fun to write! I'll do more :)


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