Jun 3, 2012

Must Have Style Item: Mirror Heels

Just in case there isn't already enough on your 'Must Have' fashion list, here's another one.

Mirror Heels.

Maison Martin Margiela

They make any outfit insta-fabulous. I mean, seriously - just try not to be fabulous while wearing mirror heels. Just try

I'm pretty confident it's a physical impossibility, guys.

They're just the right amount of glitz. You stand out, but you don't have to worry about taking it too far (unlike someone else we all know):

Lady Gaga, taking it too far and missing the mark - as always.
Besides their general fabulosity factor, they're also so versatile. You really can find a mirror heel for every/any (worthwhile) occasion. 

Here are a few that I've found out-and-about (on the internet):

- if you want to look cute and be comfortable at the same time...

The Invisible Wedge by Brazilian Artist Andreia Chaves. Since price is listed as 'upon request,' however, I imagine the choice will come down to something like that - the Invisible Wedge or college tuition?-
- if you've always envied Dorothy's ruby red slippers...

Wendy Castro, $255 on Etsy

- if you want to dress up an LBD...

Thakoon, $575 (was $1,150) on Net-A-Porter
 - if you need some color in your life and you're a big Legally Blonde fan...

Stephanie Zitello, $125 on Etsy
- if you want to go retro (and you just inherited a small -preferably not so small- fortune)...

Rochas, $1,145 on Net-A-Porter
- if you're getting married in Vegas (Britney style, anyone?)...

TGlitz, $265 on Etsy
- if you want to dance the night away (the bloody feet are so worth it)...

Giuseppe Zanotti, $238.50 (was $795) on Net-A-Porter
- if you think your shoes should be a work of art...

Oriental Bliss   -   Mosaic Shoe
Mosaic Renaissance, $195 on Etsy
Oriental Bliss   -   Mosaic ShoeOriental Bliss   -   Mosaic ShoeOriental Bliss   -   Mosaic ShoeOriental Bliss   -   Mosaic Shoe

- if you're ready to kick some *CENSORED*...

JSparkle, $260 (was $310) on Indie Fashion Marketplace
Want to DIY it?

1) Get an old pair of plain black pumps, mirror pieces/gems for bedazzling (to be found at your local craft supply store for very decent prices), and a hot glue gun (who thought those would come in handy outside of middle school science fairs and diorama projects?)

2) Glue to your heart's content - be careful about putting the glue spot right in the middle of the mirror piece/gem, so that hot glue doesn't ooze over and so that you don't have any of those unattractive hot glue strings!


Mirror Heels: Love them or what?

Do you DIY trends? I think it's a fun, fabulous way to save some money and recycle old trends at the same time!

And, because I know y'all are the best looking bunch out there - what trend do YOU think needs to happen soon?


  1. I really like them but boy are they expensive. Though worth a semester of college tuition? EH maybe...but I can only say that because I'm out.

    1. You're out? How did I miss this? Have I been living under a rock??????

      CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!

  2. Lol, these shoes are a bit too glitzy for me. BUT, perfect for Lady Gaga ;)!!

    I am really loving the colored skinny jeans trend and the long skirts!

  3. Ooooh my gosh,these honestly look more like a piece of art than actual shoes...!
    I think I would never ever wear such shoes,haha... But that's probably because I am rather a girl than a diva... ;)

  4. Oh my goodness some of those are nuts!! But the rest are gorgeous and certainly eye-catching haha


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