Jun 18, 2012

P28 Bagel Review

I reviewed P28 High Protein Bread a while ago, but they also have bagels!

My big sister is (or was) bagel crazy, but I was never that into them. I was always more of a cereal and Broetchen kind of girl. Over time, however, they're beginning to grow on me.

After all, what carbaholic can resist thick, doughy awesomeness?

The P28 bagel didn't disappoint! It's huge (think Bruegger's Bagels big!) and doesn't have that weird conservative aftertaste that some packaged bagels do.

It's a nice hearty, whole wheat bagel with lovely oats on top.

Since the NYC apartment I'm subletting doesn't have a toaster (but it does have a Vitamix, so I'm not complaining), I split the bagel open and toasted it over the lowest heat setting on the stove.

More nooks and crannies than an English muffin! Absolutely perfect for smothering in peanut butter and jam.

You know what would be even more amazing with this?

Soy butter and honey. Together. Lots of it. Dripping into the pores of the bagel.

YUUUUUUUM. I obviously need to do a grocery run ASAP for some soy butter!

Overall, I really like these bagels. They're absolutely delicious (do you see the seeds in there too) and keep a girl going through several hours of workday craziness!

Do you like bagels?

What's your favorite kind of bagel?


  1. I've never even heard of these but high protein bagels? YES please. Those look like the bomb.

    You got me hooked on quest so you can never steer me wrong.

    1. Haha, thanks! But seriously, there's no way you won't love these :)


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