Jun 24, 2012

Probiotic Chocolate Almonds???

We've all heard of probiotics - those good-for-you bacteria in yogurt that help with digestion and help prevent bloating and all that ickiness. But did you know you can get probiotic almonds?!

Sunbiotic Chocolate Almonds are a raw, heart-healthy snack that's loaded up with probiotics!

I don't think I've ever had raw almonds before - which is an odd concept, in general, for me. I just never think of nuts as being a cooked food!

Anyway, this is a 100% raw snack and the almonds are sprouted, instead of roasted. Then they add cacao powder, coconut sugar, and a probiotic blend as a tasty coating. There are slight variations with the other flavors (original, cheesy, and truffle).

I was curious as to how sprouting the almonds would change their flavor - surprisingly, it really did! It even changed their texture - they're softer (more buttery, if that makes sense) and the flavor is a lot milder. I liked that, because somehow making the flavor milder (there isn't any of that bitterness that you have with almonds sometimes), paired with the buttery texture, made them taste and feel all the more decadent!

The chocolate flavor isn't very prevalent though - it's more of a hint of chocolate than anything. The chocolate flavor is there, but very subtle and subdued. They're definitely primarily almonds and only secondarily (and a far-removed secondarily) chocolate.

Still, nom nom nom.

I really enjoyed (and recommend) these! My only gripe is that, as is often the case, they come with deceptive packaging. While you'd think a pouch is one serving, it's actually one and a half. I ate the whole pouch at once, of course, but I just think it's odd to make something that looks like a single serving packet and then put more than a serving in it.

Meh. Gripe.

Still, it's a fabulous snack! Especially on greek yogurt with Incan berries, as I had them!

Have you ever had raw nuts?

How do you like your nuts best - roasted, raw, candied, in nut butter...?


  1. omg yummy! i wanna try this so much :D

  2. sounds like a yummy snack!

    Quiet Luxury

  3. I've never had raw nuts,but these sound tasty. If I could buy them around here,I'd try them for sure! :)

  4. I usually just use raw nuts for making raw desserts and sauces but these sprouted almonds sound delicious. I prefer my nuts flavored in some way, like maple macadamias or salt and pepper cashews or cinnamon almonds!

  5. This is really interesting. You always have the best ideas and food. That is super weird about the more then one serving thing. Lame.

  6. Sounds cool! I know probiotics can come in a drink, yogurt or other forms but having it together with chocolate is really something new to me. Maybe I should try this soon so I can now have another way to have my daily dose of probiotics aside from the supplement that I'm taking. This is really a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ttrockwood@yahoo.comJune 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM

      Random input here... I recently looked into this and there are naturally occuring probiotics and prebiotics in fermented foods- tempeh, miso (just dont use boiling water it kills the good bugs!), saurkraut, aged cheeses and some dairy like kefeir are all great natural sources.

  7. Oh wow I always assumed the almonds I had were raw, unless stated as "roasted". These sound great, especially the "hint of chocolate"! I am such a nut fiend in general- raw, roasted, nut butter..whatever- love it all!

  8. You've never had raw almonds? Interesting! But then again, you're right, almonds in packages are usually roasted. Weird, I never even though about it as not being a raw food. This looks really freaking good btw and I wanna try it


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