Jul 21, 2012

Going Wild and Zen Inspiring Eats

The veganification continues!

And yes, that's a word - just don't look it up. Webster hasn't quite accepted it yet, but he's behind the times.

Anyway, with the continued veganification, I need more vegan-friendly brands to rely on! Luckily, the number of vegan-friendly products, cafes, etc. is constantly increasing.

And this week I get to review a healthy snack from Wilderness Poets!

I love the wild. Drop me in the woods, preferably for camping or hiking, and I'm happy as Pooh Bear with a pot of honey. Add literature (okay, maybe not poetry - but some novels) and it's sheer perfection!

From the name of the company to the name of the snack - Song of Abundance, how much more zen can you get? - it's catchy. Luckily, the company isn't just catchy. Their mission statement lives up to expectations: We believe that sharing delicious, wholesome foods, grown on small organic family farms, can help heal people, our communities, and planet.

Sounds good to me. Even better, the trail mix is truly just a mix of wholesome, natural foods.

With only 6 (7, if you count the coconut nectar) ingredients, all of which are not only pronounceable but actually recognizable in the product (except the coconut nectar, which you can't see) it's something I can definitely feel good about snacking on, whether I'm in the woods or not.

And this combination is delightful! I often pick trail mixes apart and eat them constituent by constituent, but this was such a winning combo of flavors that I wanted to have them all in my mouth at the same time.

I was surprised that the cacao nibs would work with the goji berries and raisins, but they did. They add a burst of flavor, an extra layer of depth, that really enriched the overall taste.

Two thumbs up!

What's your favorite trail mix?

Do you like the wild?

Are you a fan of poetry?


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  2. Love trail mix, especially home made.
    Yummy post!


  3. Trail mix is so addictive...and so much more satisfying than you'd expect! Almonds and raisins are a must for me, and coconut flakes also adds a yum dimension to the mix!

  4. seems deliciouso :)


  5. wow....where did you find all this!!! Amazing:)....need to try.Yum


  6. I love trail mix..it never disappoints!lol


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  10. I love fruits and nuts and the like, but I have oddly never fallen in love with trail mix! Weird, right?

  11. I tried an organic trail mix a while back that was a part of my foodie penpal package, and it had mulberries...which are now my most favorite things in trail mix (if they're even in the mix in the first place)!!

    1. I saw mulberries at Whole Foods the other day, but didn't buy them because they were expensive and looked weird. Now I want to try them!

  12. I'm new to this veganification! :)

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  20. Love trail mix...but as until recently I've never done much hiking, I tend to just call it "school mix." It's perfect for keeping up energy when you only have a minute or two to grab a snack while trying to teach rambunctious elementary school students. :)

    1. School Mix is so worth it - are you excited for back to school in about a month? My little sister is going into the 2nd grade, I think it's awesome that you're a teacher!

  21. You sound just like me, I am big on camping, hiking, kayaking, and everything that is out in the great outdoors! I tend to make my own trail mix when we go camping by mixing in different nuts, various dried fruits and whatever else I see in the bulk section that I think sounds good!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I would love to follow one another! Let me know!
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    The Urban Umbrella


  22. looks yum!


  23. I've never heard of this company but that trail mix sounds divine!
    I usually create my own trail mix from the bulk bins at Whole Foods! It's so much fun to customize it based on my cravings and I never get bored! I usually try to include 2-3 types of nuts, 1-2 dried fruits, some sort of cereal or grain, and something sweet (like carob chips!), but it all depends. (:

  24. this snack looks amazing. We don´t have it in germany, but my fave snack is dried mangos:)thx so much for your nice comment and for following, I am followinf back via gfc. I love your eating post:)
    keep in touch,
    xx chris

  25. I really like your blog! I wish i can eat nuts like you, but every time I do so, i get bad breakouts :(
    Recently i started on Krilloil and am having reactions on the face. sigh. anyway, continue to write such awesome posts!

    Come by say hi sometime ^_^
    Now following your blog,looking forward for more recommendations!


    1. Thank you! And don't worry, I have LOTS of reviews planned for the rest of the summer :) I'm really sorry to hear about your nut/breakout situation! My cousin has the same thing, especially with peanuts, and I would absolutely hate having that. :/


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