Jul 17, 2012

Lucy's Cookies Review

It's no secret that I'm a chocoholic. With absolutely no interest in rehab. No, I'll just have more chocolate, please.

Lots of chocolate, however, and especially chocolate baked goods aren't vegan. I'm not vegan, either, but I'm trying to incorporate more vegan foods into my diet.

And guess what? Lucy's Cookies are vegan! And gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with lots of organic ingredients (though they are not entirely organic). There are a bunch of flavors and they sent me a few to try.

So obviously we all know which ones I had to try first.

Chocolate cookies! Here's what's in them:

It's a pretty decent list (I like how there are whole grains in there!) and there aren't loads of artificial ingredients. The only meh thing?

Why would you make a bag that looks like it should be single serving and then include 1.3 servings? I'm obviously going to eat the whole bag (as I did) so just calculate that as a serving. Or take out the extra 0.3. Deceptive packaging strikes again.

Anyway, the awesome yumminess of these made up for it. They're crisp and crunchy cookies, whereas I usually prefer thick and chewy cookies, but the chocolatey flavor is delightfully intense and they're sweet, but not too sweet.

I also liked that the gluten-free flour blend added a little heartiness to the cookie, since it included some whole grains instead of the standard white rice flour of gluten-free baked goods.

I ate the pouch of cookies with a few handfuls of almonds on the side and a glass of chilly vanilla almond milk, while reading my novel of the day (Enlightenment for Idiots by Anne Cushman, it's such a fun read).

My second favorite flavor was the chocolate chip.

This one came in a box, for several snackings.

The cookies where crunchy, sweet, and generously endowed with chocolate chips. Just the way I like them!

I smeared them with some crunchy almond butter and they tasted just like the Famous Amos cookies of my childhood roadtrips - only healthier and vegan.

The ginger snap cookies were awesome, too.

Here's what's in it:

Again, 1.3 servings and again, I ate the whole bag.

Crunchy sweet and fantastic - I ate them in Whole Soy & Co soyogurt with craisins, granola, and almond butter. Nom nom nom.

These were the perfect ginger snaps - spicy, flavorful, and crisp.

The. Perfect. Snack.

And the (blissful) maple bliss cookies?

They taste like Sunday morning. :)

Even more so when crumbled over soyogurt with craisins and crushed crackers.

 There's only one cookie in the bowl as pictured, but all four made it in eventually. :)

Have you tried Lucy's Cookies?

Do you prefer crunchy or chewy cookies?

What flavors call back memories for you?


  1. Replies
    1. I know, coooooookies! I'm such a cookie monster inside, haha :)

  2. Since they are vegan, they must be healthy right and it's okay to eat all of them. Chocolate rehab...they'll never take me alive...mostly because chocolate pancakes are my favorite...

  3. 1,3 servings? LOL,that's more than just ridiculous - I would also have eaten the entire bag,you can believe that,Sabrina! ;)
    All of those flavors sound absolutely awesome,and since I am a cookie-girl anyways... MAJOR jealousy over here! I wish I could give them a try as well!

    1. Haha, I obviously did! And I bet you can - you'd just have to order them online, probably!

  4. I've had the ginger snaps and LOVED them! You're right they are the perfect ginger snap. I generally prefer soft cookies, but it totally depends on the falvour!

  5. I have never tried Lucy's cookies, in fact I have never seen them before! I am totally a chewy cookie person :)

  6. I am like you! I prefer chewy, but I have always liked Lucy's for a change!

  7. Those serving size things bug me, especially when it comes to things like cereal where you can measure it out into the amount it tells you and there are definitely NOT 8 servings or whatever! I definitely prefer the soft, chewy cookies but I love the interesting flavors these come in.

  8. I tried Lucy's sugar cookies, but they were so bad!!! I actually threw them away. I've never thrown away cookies before. I guess I'm used to cookies with gluten in them! :) Glad you liked them!


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