Jul 9, 2012

Product Preview and Day 9: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Remember how I reviewed the delicious P28 high protein bagels and high protein bread about a month or two ago? Well, I have great news! 

Guess what?

P28 is launching a new high protein flatbread in just four weeks! Y'all can order it on their site then, but you know how I am with patience.

I have none.

So they were nice enough to send me some to try now!

They're not vegan, as they include whey protein and stuff, but (as I said) I'm not being strict about the vegan thing. 

Thank goodness not, because these are awesome!

For starters, they're huge (that's one of those really big dinner plates, so that it fills it is pretty epic). Here's my hand and the flatbread, for comparison's sake.

They're also absolutely delicious - they're whole grain with that lovely wheaty flavor and have a fabulous texture! 

They're chewy, so they're super fun to pull apart and eat with dips. 

They're also stable enough to make a pizza on (and a super-healthy, super-quick pizza crust!) and big enough to make a pretty awesome burrito or wrap.

But here's my personal favorite way to eat them: 

1) Put a flatbread on a plate.
2) Spread it with nut butter of choice (I used peanut butter)
3) Sprinkle with chocolate chips (I used vegan ones from Sunspire)
4) Put a chilled banana about an inch from one side of the flatbread and roll the whole thing up.

I promise - it's sooooooo good. I dare you to make that exact thing and not love it. In fact, I double dare you.

I definitely recommend these - I'm getting more as soon as they hit the shelves! Okay, now that I'm done gushing, on to the challenge!

Day 9: What's your food philosophy?

Peanut Butter and Jenny

Eat food that you want, when you want it. Food should make you feel good - whether it's a PB&J, a salad, or a McFlurry. All food is healthy, it's about the balance. 

And even eating a deep fried Twinkie is healthier than eating nothing at all - because isn't the point of health life and being able to do what you want? Starvation and malnourishment, such as result from orthorexia, are the OPPOSITE of healthiness. 

You can 'clean eat' yourself into an early grave, osteoporosis, amenorrhea, heart issues, etc. - and that's as unhealthy as it gets.

Eat what you want when you want it - your body knows best, it will eventually balance out.

What's your food philosophy?

How would you eat the flatbreads?

Do you think you'll try them (and, in general, do you tend to look forward to trying new products)?


  1. woow is it big hehehe look yummi :DD
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  2. hey cool thank you for your comment :-) I´m now following you ! Hope to keep in touch! Greetings!!!


  3. I have tried the p28 bread, but can't wait to try this flat bread! Sounds like a delicious way to eat it :)

    1. Get it as soon as it comes out - it's sooooo good!

  4. Thanks so much for this,Sabrina! Well,not so much for the review because I can't get that flatbread in Germany anyways (even though I'm glad you enjoyed it,of course ;) ) but much more for your answer on that food philosophy question.
    I really love how you're pointing out the necessity of eating,no matter what,because food is essential in the end,no matter what you eat. I just tend to forget that too often...

    1. Don't forget, even if it means you have to write notes and stick them all over your house and your stuff and the fridge and your food: foodisfuel foodisfuel foodisfuel!!!

  5. yammi! :)
    this is very intresting!

  6. Nice!!!! Interesting blog!!!
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  7. I really want to try this p28 food. It all looks and sounds great and for my high protein diet, it would work out really well.

  8. Your food philosophy is pretty much what I want mine to be someday! Sure, most of the time I truly love fueling my body with healthier options but my life wouldn't be complete without coconut milk ice cream and vegan cookies. The clean eating mentality bugs me sometimes, because who says those foods aren't healthy, especially if they're made with whole foods, and even if they aren't as healthy as fruits and veggies, who says they can't fit into a healthy eating plan? I want to work on eating the food I want, when I want and not worrying about it1

    1. You can do it! Everything is a healthy food and I can't wait until you get to that point!

  9. that looks delicious and thats awesome that it's also healthy!!

  10. Loving the size and healthiness of the bread :D


  11. I like your food philosophy ;)!
    Gahhh I wish I could try that flatbread! I tried their bread and delicious bagels a while back and LOVED them.

    1. You should! It'll be out in just a few weeks!

  12. Okay, so that looks AMAZING. Totally up my alley.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. thanks for commenting on my blog honey I'm following you now:)

    1. Thanks for the follow, I'm following you too :)

  14. I eat a lot of junk food... and every day I say,... ok, tomorrow I will start a healthier diet..and never happens! But I do try new products, and would definitely try these flat breads!
    Loved ur comment and ur question...I replied it in my blog...hope it gives u a good answer :) Im just too excited about brands collaborations... :)


    1. You don't have to go all the way, that's not even healthy! Just incorporate a few 'healthy' foods every day and you'll be good to go :)

  15. I definitely agree, what you eat is about balance. The recipe you made sounds yummy!

    Stop by, say HI, and enter my giveaway!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  16. P28 is amazing I tried the bread and bagels and cant wait for these to come out! I am reviewing them soon but you should check out my blog runservecook.wordpress.com ! I am having a coconut oil giveaway now!


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