Jul 7, 2012

Rawmio Review (A.K.A. Chocolate Bark Heaven)

Though veganism is a common excuse for restriction, vegan does not have to mean bland and does not have to mean low-calorie diet food. It does not have to mean restriction, or just fruits and vegetables, or giving up any of the decadent treats you enjoyed as an omnivore or a vegetarian. Many products that are ordinarily not vegan can be made vegan without sacrificing taste, texture, or even appearance!

Enter Rawmio.

Rawmio makes an Organic Gourmet Sprouted Hazelnut & Fig Raw Chocolate bar and they were nice enough to send me one to try!

Check out those ingredients - all good stuff, from the stone ground dark chocolate (I didn't even know that existed) to organic sweetened cacao nibs.

And Hazelnut & Fig chocolate? Wowza, talk about fun gourmet flavors! I felt soooo grown up eating this bar. :P

I liked how they packaged it in a single serving (no deceptive packaging here). 322 calories is just about right for a chocolate bar (by which I mean it's pretty standard) and even though it may have a few more calories than other bars, it also has more fiber and does not have more saturated fat or sugar. So the extra calories are coming from the delicious, good for you ingredients like the hazelnuts and mission figs!

The bar is the perfect size for an afternoon snack (I had mine in between two slices of bread for a chocolate sandwich) and it's chockfull of the good stuff.

It's not bitter, as some dark chocolates can be (and as I was worried this would be, since it's raw and all) and the combination of chocolate, figs, and hazelnuts was truly delightful. Also, unlike with some raw chocolates, it's not fudgy - the mouth feel is exactly like a normal chocolate bar. And the texture is like the chocolate bark you used to make as a kid around Christmas!

Or is that just me?

Anyway, I was so satisfied after this. Yum, yum, yum!

Have you ever tried raw chocolate?

What's the most unique chocolate bar you've ever had? I can't wait to hear what zany combos y'all have tried!

Have you ever made chocolate bark?

Though as you can see from the above, vegan does not mean restriction and doesn't mean weight loss (or maintenance at a too-low weight), I still don't recommend it for people struggling with their weight. It's too easy to use it is a way to restrict, and to go for lighter foods (since you still need to go a bit out of your way to find these tasty foods - Whole Foods carries them, but you won't find them at the gas station - yet) and it allows you to eat differently from others and have an excuse for it.

Or, if you have decided that you need to be vegan but you are underweight, I would strongly advise seeing a nutritionist with ED experience to help you in your journey.

Alright, enough of my nagging for the day - I'm off to my VERY FIRST CALLBACK!!!


  1. This chocolate sounds amaaaazing,Sabrina!
    I haven't made chocolate bark yet,but I've always wanted to some time! I'm sure I would top it off with the craziest things,but anyhoo... It WOULD be unique definitely,haha :P
    Good luck on your callback,I'm thinking of you! <3

    1. Thank you - I'm about to head out the door! And see? I'm doing vegan indulgently, no worries :)

  2. AH good luck with your callback! I absolutely love chocolate, healthy or not! haha. I've made bark a really long time ago, but this Christmas that will definitely change! The weirdest chocolate combo I've eaten would be a dark chocolate bar with bits of bacon in it. I love bacon. I love chocolate. Their probably my two most favorite things, but together? No thanks. It was just gross.

    1. Thank you! And haha, chocolate bacon sounds odd, but it was pretty popular for a while!

  3. Good luck with your callback! This raw chocolate bar sounds crazy good, I haven't had a raw chocolate bar before but I do love raw sweetened cacao nibs. The weirdest chocolate I've ever had is dark chocolate with chilies and dried cherries from my favorite chocolate company--it was okay, but not spicy enough for me!

  4. I did honestly always think being vegan meant eating celery sticks but since starting blogging, I can see they have as much as everyone else if not a little more - I mean this chocolate looks so addictive and delish!


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  6. omg looks delish! I'd really love a piece:)
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