Jul 1, 2012

Two Moms In The Raw Review

Can you believe it's already the end of June???

Neither can I - that's crazysauce.

Anyway, you remember how I loooove raw desserts, right? I'm not a raw foodist, but raw desserts are so good that they really aren't just for those who can't/won't have the baked/cooked stuff.

Still, while NYC has no shortage of fun places to pick up a raw dessert, when I'm at home in Greensboro, NC (or even at school in Cambridge, MA!) options are pretty slim.

As in: either I get a food processor and make them myself or I'm out of luck.

Luckily, there's Two Moms in the Raw! Two Moms in the Raw is a raw foods company dedicated to producing 100% organic, healthy, vegan, handmade snacks and desserts without any refined sugars or added oils. Instead, their products are chockful of nuts, sprouted grains, seeds, and dried fruits!

But I've said it before and I'll say it again - food can be as healthy as can be, but that doesn't mean anything to me if it doesn't taste good, too. So I was pretty excited when they sent me some samples to try!

Chocoholic that I am, I tore into the Almond Butter Cacao Truffles first.

They're made out of: Almonds, Organic Coconut, Organic Agave, Organic Cacao, and Salt.

That's it. Only five ingredients, all of which you could easily recognize at the grocery store.

And they're none the less fabulous for it - in fact, they're more fabulous.

These aren't your traditional truffles - they're more like Jocolat Lara bars with a powdery cacao coating and a lovely truffle shape.

Each one is 120 calories and one would have satisfied my sweet tooth, but I had two because I was hungry (I ate them with cereal in greek yogurt). While they're so good that one will satisfy you, they're so good that you'll want two.

Sorry for the lighting in these shots, they were my late-night movie snack.

(Healthy) Chocolate and Sex in the City, enjoyed from her NYC apartment. What more could a girl want?

Have you tried any Two Moms in the Raw products?

Who is your favorite Sex in the City character? While Carrie is obviously the star, there's something so likeable about Miranda...

What is your favorite raw dessert?


  1. I don't like Sex and the city,to be honest,it's too much pointless bla-bla for my taste... But anyhoo. :P
    I've tried EXACTLY those truffles from TMIAR,and I liked them a lot - even if I'm usually more a vanilla-girl. ;) But a vanilla-y version of these would ceratinly be awesome...

    1. I can't believe you prefer vanilla to chocolate!

  2. This looks great, and like an ideal snack/dessert for when the craving hits! As for Sex and the CIty, I don't think I'll ever have enough of the show...I still watch the reruns constantly and get that fuzzy feeling every time- love it!! I must be the only one who actually can't stand Carrie..I find her SO whiney...no wonder Big took so long to commit haha ;)! I totally agree about Miranda, I love her!

    1. No, I agree - Carrie is super annoying, which is why I can't really get into watching the show regularly (since it's all through her point of view)!

  3. oh I really want to try these now! Are they available in Australia or the UK?


    Tien xo

    1. I'm not sure about in stores, but you can order them online from twomomsintheraw.com

  4. Oh Sex and the City is my favourite! I love Samantha- she is completely out there but she has the best on liners! :D

  5. I would love to try these truffles!!!
    Darn need a one way ticket to NYC big time :)


    P.S I have never watched sex in the city - I'm guessing you recommend it though no? :)

    1. You don't have to be in NYC to try the truffles! Some Starbucks in random places carry Two Moms in the Raw products, as does Whole Foods - and you can order them online!

      I don't really recommend the tv show (kinda un-inspired, in my opinion) but I love the movies!

  6. I've never tried Raw desserts before. Maybe if I could make them but considering I'm a fail...haha... I want to see a vanilla version too!

    1. I've never tried making raw desserts, I just feel like I'd screw it up :P


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