Aug 20, 2012

A Giveaway Winner and Cool New Nut Butters

Happy Monday! 

For those of you who are already back-to-school/back-to-work and aren't feel so happy about Mondays, here's something to cheer you up - one of you just won Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil!

 The winner of the 32oz Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is Kim Cudd. Congratulations!

Other than winning, which is a pretty great way to kick off a week, I'd say discovering a bunch of healthy new nut butters is a pretty great Monday activity!

Ethical Bounty makes raw, vegan, gluten-free stone-ground nut butters with minimal ingredients for maximal nutrition.

They make gourmet nut butters so, in addition to the standard almond and cashew specialty nut butters, they also make macadamia butter, pecan butter, brazil nut butter, and flavored nut butters like pineapple macadamia nut butter and cinnamon raisin cashew butter. You can check out their website for their full nut butter line up.

I tried a bunch of different flavors:

Cashew Butter:

It was really creamy, with minimal oil separation (as seems to be the trend for cashew butters) and the buttery, mild cashew flavor that makes cashew a great alternative PB&J butter.

Pineapple Macadamia Butter:

I really liked this and my 7-year-old sister loved it! My mom really enjoyed it, too - none of us have had this flavor combination before (apparently it's a popular Polynesian flavor combo?) but the macadamia and pineapple really complemented each other well. There was just the right amount of each flavor, with neither flavor overwhelming the other.

Macadamia Butter:

This was super creamy and great with carob chips on bread for a fun sweet snack!

Vanilla Almond Butter:

There was some oil separation, but nothing a quick stir couldn't fix. Oil separation is, after all, normal in raw nut butters. The vanilla was a nice change from the standard almond butter and the almond flavor was still nice and strong.

Pistachio Butter:

This was my first time having pistachio butter. It's more of a savory nut butter - good for lunch, but not such a breakfast nut butter for most people. It's not sweet, but it is very flavorful.

And it's pretty! You can make a yummy Grinch sandwich :)

Pecan Butter:

It has a lot of oil separation, but that's a good thing - it means you can know that what you're eating is just natural ground nuts with no hydrogenated oils to falsely bind everything together. And it's a strong pecan flavor (all of their nut butters are so flavorful) so if you pair it with maple syrup on an english muffin, it tastes like pecan pie.

And the next was my favorite!

Almond Butter:

The plain almond butter was just so amazing! It's less sweet than usual almond butters, but therefore has a super intense almond flavor - it's like eating pure almonds.

It's the perfect accompaniment for bread!

Their nut butters all come in full size jars, like this:

I like how it's a small business with regular people (who have a talent for making tasty nut butters!) make spreads out of really simple, nutritious ingredients.

I always try to support small businesses and businesses with morals in my purchases!

Anyway, this jar was of their best-selling nut butter: cinnamon raisin cashew butter.

There aren't super many raisins in it, but there are enough (and they are chopped small enough) to give that great brunch taste. It's cinnamon-y and just the right hint of sweet.

If you spread it on a slice of multigrain bread, it tastes just like an oatmeal raisin cookie!

Is it important to you to buy locally, or from small businesses, or from businesses with certain moral principles? No judgment, either way, but I'm just interested in knowing what guides purchasing decisions for other people and if they're the same kind of things that guide my decision!

What's your favorite kind of nut butter?

What's your favorite kind of pie? I'd say pecan pie, a la mode, is mine! It's my favorite Thanksgiving food.


  1. Wow. I am just staring at those nut butters and wishing they were in my kitchen.
    I had never heard of this brand before, thanks for the review ;)

    1. No problem - I love finding lesser known products that are really awesome :)

  2. I have been wanting to try a pistachio butter for so long! These look great!

    1. I'd recommend trying theirs, the flavor is really strong and pure!

  3. Oh my,nut butter... My passion. I'm so jealous, It looks divine.
    My favorite nut butters are almond and cashew,I think... But only because sunflower seeds don't count as nuts. Wait,do almonds count?
    Aaaah,never mind! :P

    1. They ship internationally! And yeah, haha - choosing favorites is next to impossible with nut butter...

  4. You're an awesome blogger! We follow each other on chictopia and thought I'd follow your blog too! Hope you visit my new blog as well and follow back.


  5. I love fun flavored nut butters. That pineapple macadamia nut one sounds amazing!

    1. It's so fun - like the pancakes in Disney World!

  6. I love pumpkin pie or chocolate pecan pie that my mom makes! Yum :)

  7. The vanilla almond butter looks really good :)

  8. I love peanut butter!!! I could eat all day long!!! :D
    I really need to try the other nut butters :)))
    Did I mention that your profil picture (on the page about you) is absolutly beautiful!! You are stunning!!

  9. The Vanilla almond butter looks supeeeer yummy <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  10. Those nut butters all sound amazing! A few of those flavor combinations are so random (pineapple & macadamia nut?) but it sound like they were all delicious. I looove buying local products whenever it's possible. They're so much fresher and I swear it makes them taste better. (:

    I would be interested to try the Vanilla Almond Butter to see how it compares with Justin's version! And the cinnamon raisin cashew butter sounds to die for..

    1. I haven't tried Justin's yet, but the cinnamon raisin cashew butter is, indeed, AMAZING

  11. I'd love the try the pistachio and cashew nut butter - they both sound amazing.

    I'm not much of a pie gal (I prefer a good crumble) but the BEST pie I ever had was a buko (i.e young coconut) pie. There's no way to describe it other then amazing, so I'll leave it at that.

    Oh, and thank you so much for nominating me for the award btw :)

  12. I love you blog!!!

    Following you via GFC, Follow me back?


  13. Congratulations to the winner how exciting :D
    And I didn't realise the range in but butters - yum :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. I would want to try the pistachio butter!!!

  15. Wow what amazing flavours! I would die to have that selection in my house ;)

  16. I think I would die of happiness if I got to try the pineapple macadamia butter! I love tropical anything and macadamia butter is so rich and delicious! My favorite nut butter ever though is either Justin's vanilla almond butter or almond peanut cashew butter from Target.

  17. Thanks to everyone for all of the amazing comments!

    Just as an FYI, the flavored nut butters were the result of playing mad scientist with flavors, and are unique to my company. The reason for the intensity of the flavor in the almond butter is that only truly raw unpasteurized almonds imported from Italy are used. The flavor is reminiscent of amaretto, and is truly incredible! There's a blurb on my site explaining almond pasteurization for anyone who is interested:

    Also, unfortunately, I don't ship internationally, but only within the continental US. As a small, but steadily growing micro business, I'd love for you guys to try out my products!

  18. OMG vanilla almond butter, pistachio butter, and cinnamon raisin cashew butter!? Sounds AMAZING. And so does the pecan butter + maple + english muffin idea! Pecan butter is probably my favorite nut butter EVER.

  19. Lovely blog.

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