Aug 3, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #5

Along with reviews and Sunday Steals, Friday Foodie Finds are currently some of my favorite posts to write!

Oh, and I like throwing giveaways. You should enter my virgin coconut oil giveaway :)

Anyway, Friday Foodie Finds are so much fun because it's always fun to go through bookmarked recipes from the week and pick out the ones that look the most interesting. Here's what caught my eye this week!

From now on, here's my system: there's a V if it's vegan, an R if it's raw, and a G if it's gluten free!)

My Vegan Cookbook's Lentil Loaf (V)

Mama Pea's Homemade Kind Bar (V)

Athena's Caprese Rawsagna (V, R)


Source: via Live on Pinterest

                               Saveur's Fig Ice Cream

Source: via Live on Pinterest

Which recipe are you most likely to try?

What food prize would you want the most from a giveaway?


  1. I want to take a bite out of all the food in this post! Everything looks so good. :)

  2. Maybe I would try the Fig ice cream. I have to say I eat almost daily ice cream, so this is a perfect recipe for me :)

  3. WHAT yummyyyyyyyyy things! :D

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Prodigy RED

    P.S. There is an exciting International Giveaway going on in my blog- Win a Pair of 3D Glasses :) Don't forget to enter before August 5!


  4. mmm the icercream <3 yum yum yum!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  5. They all look delicious! Thank you for following me and leaving me your comment, I do think Kate is way too thin too. We should all eat this awesome dishes you shared to keep our natural shapes :p

  6. Delicious!!!!


  7. I would definitely try all recipes I swear you :D I love the foods, they look so delicious!
    Would you like to follow each other? :) I follow you now :)

  8. Food pics overload - YAY :D
    Loving that fig ice cream especially...

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I love all the round ups in blog-land today! It all looks good, but the rawsagna is calling my name.

  10. I think the dark chocolate bars would be pretty good. I could see myself trying to make those when I have more time!

  11. I need to make both of those bar recipes. I spend a fortune on Larabars and Kind bars so it'd be cool to make my own so I could customize them and save some money--aka, more money for clothes shopping ;)

  12. Wow,that rawsagna looks amazing! I wouldn't make it on my own,though,because I'd be far too impatient,plus,I would have to eat it all by myself... Still,it looks delicious though!


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