Aug 17, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #7

Considering my obsession with raw vegan desserts, it's only fitting that this week's Friday Foodie Finds be dedicated to raw vegan desserts! All of the desserts in this post are both vegan and raw. Enjoy!

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My stomach isn't a big fan of regular cheesecake (so neither am I, because gosh, talk about sick!) but maybe raw cheesecake would go over better, considering that it's not stuffing super intense dairy in a lactose intolerant girl? And doesn't that look delicious???


Fact: no dessert recipe round-up could be complete without chocolate.

039 (525x350)

My mom loves carrot cake, I wonder what she'd think of these? They look pretty good to me and I love the intense orange color - and knowing that it's just from the carrots, not food coloring!

Luv 2B Raw's German Chocolate Cake



I'll forgive her for calling them 'donuts' because they look delicious! But what on earth is moss doing an doughnut? 

Doughnuts or Donuts? I'm adamant about 'doughnuts' and Dunkin Donuts can't hold a candle to a good old Krispy Kreme (yes, I'm from the South).

What's your favorite raw dessert so far?

What's something you didn't think you'd like, but ended up liking?


  1. my god ıts lookıng fantastıcc!!!

  2. The cakes are looking amazing...but donuts, I don't like them :( My favorite raw desert is fruit mixture with whipped cream and mascarpone.

  3. These desserts look so good! They're making me hungry right now. Haha. ;)

  4. Oh man, that chocolate hazelnut cake looks amazing! Evan's recipes always are! :)

  5. That chocolate cake looks SO good.
    Yum yum yum.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Oh god that hazelnut chocolate cake... It's the one :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Thanks for including my cheesecake in your round up! The other desserts on here look amazing as well...I am hungry now ;)!

  8. Woah baby that chocolate hazelnut cake looks really good :D


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