Aug 24, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #8

I've really been enjoying chocolate this year, and especially this summer, so this Friday Foodie Finds post is all about chocolate! Like my giveaway! Yay!

As always, V for Vegan, R for Raw, and G for Gluten-Free!

IMG 8587 2   Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch ‘Blizzard’

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Madness Bars

Talk about a chocolate coma! And you vegans should be pretty happy, because only two of them (the chocolate mint Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter cups) aren't vegan!

Which recipe do you find most tempting?

Is there any flavor combo that you used to dislike and now you like? I used to dislike the mint chocolate combo, but it has really grown own me!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. i used to hate dark chocolate, now i kind of like it (but only the 50%-60% dark, not super dark :D). i would prefere milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but there aren't many kinds of milk-free chocolate out there...
    same with nut chocolate, i'm not in love, but i like it more now :)
    and mint chocolate or any kind of chocolate with fuit filling is something i clearly don't like at all! :D

    1. Whether I want milk or dark depends on the day, but I pretty much eat chocolate daily :P

  2. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookies look great :) I used to eat chocolate a lot before but now I've cut back a few on sweets ;)

  3. I find all the recipes tempting, they look amazing! I hated the chocolate and mint combination, now I love it. Have a great weekend.

  4. MMMMMM mint chocolate oreos - mint chocolate anything <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  5. I want those vegan magic bars... yuuuummy! <3

  6. You always find the best my friend, those peanut butter cups look crazy fantastic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. These look so good, I am glad you shared them! I love chocolate mint! For the life of me I can't think of a combo that I didn't like in the past that I now like.

  8. I've been wanting to make one of Angela's blizzards for so long! I definitely need to do that. And those cookie-dough PB cups look so delicious and dangerous. Cookie dough has always been my weakness. (:

    I actually used to hate coconut and chocolate (I wasn't a fan of coconut in general) but now I'm obsessed!


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