Aug 26, 2012

Sunday Steals #8 and yet another GIVEAWAY!

Read all the way to the bottom (or cheat and skip ahead) for a GIVEAWAY! I love how many of these I've been doing lately!

Oh, and no - it's not too late to enter my Nana's Cookies Giveaway, too.

I've been shopping around all week, since I'm home for my two weeks of real summer vacation (yay!) and haven't done any clothes shopping all summer. I need a few new pieces to jazz up my fall and winter wardrobes!

As a student, I need to do said jazzing-up on a budget. Thank goodness for sales!

Garden Skirt for $5.99 ($14.80) @ Forever 21

Ethnic Lace Dress for $29.95 ($128.00) @ Free People

Eye of the Peacock Bracelet for $5.25 ($10.50) @ Claire's

Converse One Star Marsh Large Tote Handbag 
for $12.24 ($34.99) @ Target

Dream Tees Off-the-shoulder Tee for $16.99 ($39.50) @ Victoria's Secret

I've always had a soft spot for off-the-shoulder tees. While $16.99 for a top isn't exactly a 'steal,' Victoria's Secret apparel is pretty expensive and their quality is quite good, so it's still a pretty darn solid deal considering the store it's coming from.

Okay, here's that giveaway that I promised y'all!

Remember how I reviewed Gardein the other day? 

Well, I reviewed the BBQ skewers and the Chick'n Strips, but the Crispy Tenders are also really yummy - especially dunked in ketchup and enjoyed with a side of homemade french fries and German cucumber salad (thanks, mom).

Anyway, the point? Let's get to it.

The folks over at Gardein have generously offered one of my readers 3 free packs of their meatless products! They'll send coupon vouchers for 3 products to one winner in the USA or Canada

Enter below, the winner will be announced on September 6 here on my blog!

Do you like to do a lot of shopping at once, or break it up?

Do you set a shopping budget before you go out?

How often do you buy stuff on sale vs. regular price?


  1. Hey girl, just letting you know, I don't think the giveaway thing is working!

  2. Wow! You've got some great bargains!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Sunday Hun xoxo

  3. and again... why i am living in germany? :(
    but i really love the red dress :)
    i always try to buy stuff on sale - but most of the time it doesn't work :(
    enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    1. Don't despair, I'm doing my first international giveaway in a few weeks and it's going to be yummy!!! Enjoy your weekend too :) And I bought a handbag full price yesterday, because it was just that cute, so I'm totally with you on that one :P

  4. love those bargained apparels, that crisp tenders look yummy! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Gardein is definitely my favorite faux-meat brand- delicious! I'm glad you liked the chicken tenders. (:
    And I'm horrible about setting shopping budgets...I need to get better about that. I love the VS off-the-shoulder top! And $16 definitely isn't bad!

  6. it´s perfect and nice.

  7. Hi :)
    I just found your blog via Chictopia, love the versatility!

    hope youll follow me back

  8. That red dress simply stunning :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I also like off the shoulder tops. I think they are so much fun and VS stuff isn't cheap so I say that is a steal. Actually, I'm off to see what else I can buy from VS that I don't need.

  10. That's a decent price for a VS top! I'd love to shop there more often if my budget allowed it, because their PINK line is so cute, especially their yoga stuff. I almost never set an actual budget for clothes shopping though, but I really need to think about implementing one!

  11. I buy pretty much everything on sale, unless it's something I REALLY need at the time! :D

  12. Love that red dress, super pretty!
    I tend to go on big shopping Spree's (too often probably) but I never seem to "break up" my shopping excursions!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  13. i try to do it all at once, but i don't have a real budget

  14. I LOVE Gardein! Thanks SO much for this Giveaway! :)


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