Aug 14, 2012

Trendy Tuesday #2

It's my last full day in NYC, so I'm just enjoying taking in the sights (and outfits!) as much as possible. From around the internet, here are some fun looks to spice up your Tuesday!


How cute are her tights? And that dress? The belt looks adorable, but I don't like having things around my stomach, so I'd probably drop the belt if I did this - I'm from the hip hugger generation and it just feels unnatural to have anything that high up on me.

Chesley's Work Outfit

Chesley is a stylist, so her life is super cool and her blog is one of my new favorites! In this outfit, my favorite pieces are her orange handbag (great color), cute sandals, and flowy floral skirt. I really like girly pieces :)

I had to show you two angles, because the cool cutout back on her loose Batoko shirt is what really drew me in. Super cute, no?

Marisa's Striped Dress

Marisa really is a stylish mom - that's such a cute outfit! And when you're running around town with a 2.5 year old, I imagine the choice of (chic, adorable) flats over heels is a very smart one!

And speaking of kids...

Because you're never too young to be fabulous. This definitely reminds me of myself at her age :)

Do you like going through your childhood pictures? Oddly, my little sister likes going through pictures of me as a little kid even more than I do!

Do your parents have a ton of childhood pictures of you?

Which outfit is your favorite and why?

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  1. I am looking to my childhood pictures with my daughter together and I tell her story's about the past. She loves it. I have a lot of old pictures.
    My favorite picture is the third one, because the shirt with the cutout back.

  2. Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

  3. so, where will you be going after NYC? love all the dresses...very inspirational:)

    have a great day:0

    EDGYMIX Facebook

    1. Home to NC for 2 weeks, then back to school in MA!

  4. I love childhood photos! Not necessarily mine, but my boyfriend was an adorable baby!

  5. Love the cut-out back look, so lovely!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Amazing pictures. My favourite is the first outfit :)

  7. So much style :D
    Loving the sunset chic!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Love this easy and whimsical style. My parents have a ton of photos of me since I was their first child. I am in love with colored tights personally.

  9. I looove looking back on pictures from when I was a kid. Bringing back all of those memories is amazing. I miss how carefree I was back then. Life was simple and nothing mattered but the present moment. I'm constantly reminding myself to channel those feelings, even as an "adult".
    I love the girly, feminine pieces you included this week!

    Have a safe trip home! <3


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