Aug 21, 2012

Trendy Tuesday #3 and Another Giveaway! NANA'S COOKIES!!!

So before we get down to business fashion, I know how you're feeling. Post-vacation blues? How about post-giveaway blues? My coconut oil giveaway was a ton of fun, but wouldn't it be great to have another giveaway to get us all excited for back-to-school? And my Healthy Lunchbox Series, which will run all of next week?


That's a lot of questions (phew) but luckily Nana's Cookie Company's answer is 'yes.' They're letting me give away a box of their Fudgy Wudgy Cookie Bars, individually-wrapped, Curious George-approved chocolate cookie bars sweetened with ONLY fruit sugar and made with ONLY whole wheat flour! It's a healthy treat that's just perfect for any lunchbox, whether you're 5, 15, 25, or 50!

If you're a Continental USA reader, you can enter below!

The giveaway runs until the end of my Healthy Lunchbox Series next Friday night at midnight and the winner will be announced in the Healthy Lunchbox Series wrap-up post.

Alright, now it's Trendy Tuesday time. Yay!

Coming home to small town North Carolina means that I see a heck of a lot less crazy fashion - here in the suburbs, it's a lot of Soffees, Hollister/Abercrombie outfits, and other expected things. You do find a gem now and then, though! And there is always the internet, too, for fashion inspiration :)

Victoria's Hot Pink

Of course several of my featured fashionistas would come from LA. I would argue that LA is at least as fashion-forward as NYC.


I really like the socks peeking out of the boots and the color/print of the dress.

Elizabeth's Fun Shades

Even without the sunglasses, though, the outfit would still be super cute! And isn't she adorable? Very Zooey, if you ask me...

Poison's Heat Wave

I really like the micro-pleated skirt!

I really like the color combo and those shorts look amazing with that top (and the clutch just pulls it all together). Nailed it!

Micro-pleats: yay or nay?

Are you excited for back-to-school?

What's your favorite lunchbox treat?


  1. Those cookie bars look delicious! And I'm SO excited to get back to college :)

    1. I wan't that excited, but now the excitement is definitely kicking in. YAY for school!

  2. I'm not going to lie, I'm always looking forward to my triscuits come afternoon snack time at work. :) I love all the trends you've posted here, and I'm a micro pleats fan. I thought it'd make me look wider but I tried on a dress with micro pleats the other day and loved it!


    1. Micropleats can be awesome - it seems that they'd do that, but they can often be really flattering!

  3. I love the studs n flowers outfit, so classic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I love all the bright colors!
    And I've always wanted to try these cookies, actually. I look at them almost every time I'm at WF!


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