Aug 28, 2012

Trendy Tuesday #4

First, have you entered my Nana's Cookies Giveaway or Gardein Giveaway yet? If not, why not? Silly! :P

Okay, to my post - I love fashion (not exactly a secret anymore), but sometimes I'm guilt of accessory laziness. Accessories really make an outfit, but if I'm just hanging out around the house, I'll often skip accessories. Boo! So this week, I'm dedicating my Trendy Tuesday to accessories!

Elanor goes for the gold

Kendall goes for eclectic

Sara goes vintage

On the theme of cute shoes...

Donatila goes for studded sandals

Maria goes glam

Don't forget to check back later on for the second day of my Healthy Lunchbox Series!
Whose style speaks to you the most? They're all fabulous!

Do you use a lot of accessories in your daily looks?

When/why do you find yourself getting a case of the fashion lazies? For me, it's when I'm overly busy with work during the semester (ahem, midterms and reading period and final period) or when I'm just at home/in my room/not around anyone but family and close friends.


  1. Great accessories dear! Very cute rings and such daring bracelets! I think I like the vintage style more :) I don't really use accessories on my daily looks, I only use accessories when there's an occasion or a planned outing. :)

  2. Love the GLAM! Totally gorgeous and sooo pretty... shiny =O hahah

    I really, really need your help - I entered a competition and I need to gather some "Likes" on an outfit I compiled - If you visit my blog there are more instructions there! I would SO appreciate your help!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. I like first one, gold accessorizes are best)

  4. Awesome! Studded sandals for the win :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Yay for trandy tuesday!! I like Kendall's the besy

  6. I love love love your blog. Those rings are awesome.

    New follower here. :)


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