Aug 7, 2012

Trendy Tuesday

When you're interested in fashion and you live in New York City, a unique dilemma arises. You're surrounded by all kinds of people with all kinds of stories and all kinds of fashion senses - so how easy would it be to just gawk at people all day?

While I'm as avid a fan of people-watching as the next girl (come on, admit it - we all do it and we all enjoy it) riding on the subway for hours just to watch the people that get on and off (and, most importantly, admire their shoes) can be a dangerous spiral into the pits of fashion obsession. :P

Luckily, the rise of such fashion-spotting sites as fashion blogs, Chictopia, Lookbook, and the fashion section of Pinterest mean you can enjoy cool street style without being that freak photograph everyone who gets in or out of your subway car.

I always think of Tuesday as such a lackluster 'meh' day. It's not the start of the week, like Monday, or the hump day (and WIAW!) like Wednesday. It's just there. So why not give Tuesdays something special, too? Like Trendy Tuesdays?

This Trendy Tuesday, here are some cool street style looks that caught my eye.


Mellow Mayoness's Tie Dye Fantasy

Rania's Blue Swimsuit

Andrea's Weekend Casual


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Which look is your favorite?

How do you feel about Tuesdays?

What is your least favorite day of the week?


  1. Love that bathing suit! This a cool idea...Tuesdays can be a bit boring...hope yours is great! x

  2. Stunning outfits! My favorite one is definitely the first one! xx

  3. They're so cute especially the second photo... :)

  4. I love the first look the most, stunning!

  5. These are all really cute My favs are the 1 st and last one tho! I love the trendy tuesdays idea great way tk spice up tuesday!

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun, I think I'll definitely continue Trendy Tuesdays for a while :)

  6. And so many things start with T as well. I bought a pair of lace shorts that I think you would be proud of. I love the pink pants though here. So cute!

    1. The white scalloped ones on your blog? Love. Them!

  7. Amazing post!!!!


  8. I love the outfits especially the pink skinnies! I actually love Tuesdays- for religious reasons I fast on Mondays so waking up on Tuesday and being able to eat breakfast instantly makes it a great day for me :)!

  9. I love the swimsuit - it looks amazing against her red hair! And Tuesday is my least favorite day... it's like Monday but nobody has sympathy toward you if you have a case of the mondays ;)

  10. Great trend/ outfit watch! Loving the first outfit, it's so pefectly casual and chic <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  11. I think those pink jeans do it, so cool :D


  12. I feel the same way about LA! It's sooo easy to get lost in the shuffle of fashion trends. That's why I think it's important to always wear things that reflect who you are, not things that other people find "trendy". You just have to take bits and pieces from everywhere until you find what works for you! (:

    LOVE that swimsuit, by the way. Oh my goodness...

  13. WOW the second one is my fav!! love the colours :)

    Would love if you could check out my latest outfit post?

    Jess XO

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