Sep 17, 2012

A New (to me) Simple Whole Grain Cereal and GREAT NEWS

I reviewed Attune Foods's Uncle Sam's Original Cereal way back at the beginning of this blog (okay, a little over a year ago - but it feels like ages), so I was really excited to try their Erewhon Original Crispy Brown Rice Cereal.

Though I like a lot of flavors, I also like plain cereals and yogurts as a base for creating my fun concoctions.

This one fits the bill perfectly! It's 100% whole grain, which I really like, and it comes in a gluten-free version, for any of those of you with Celiac's Disease. The ingredients are nice and simple - just organic brown rice, organic barley malt, and sea salt.

I quite liked that.

And they are crispy-licious! And just the right touch of salty to bring out the flavors of the hearty whole grains, without taking over. Perfect over yogurt as a base to add anything to - dried fruits, chocolate, granola, syrups, honey, nuts, nut butters, berries, candy, sprinkles, cookie dough, etc. It's so simple that the options are endless!

Or you could make some really tasty whole grain rice krispie treats with these if that's more your style. :)

Okay, now for my fabulous news: complaining generally isn't a good thing, but this time it turned out to be. I got to move off campus this semester! YAY FOR NO MEAL PLAN!!! And my very own apartment, I have a real-life, long(er)-term tease and everything!

Well, okay. So that's more great news for me than you, but...

I'm celebrating with a giveaway!

I like eating my cereal (like this yummy brown rice crispy) with yogurt waaaay better than with milk. It's just yummier and more satisfying that way. And Chobani greek yogurt is pretty darn awesome, so we're giving away a case of Chobani Greek yogurt to one lucky reader!

You just have to be in the continental US to enter. You have about a week, until September 25, to enter, and I'll announce the winner here!


  1. hmmm.. this looks yummy!!!:) would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin??:) let me know! have a great week!


  2. YAY for getting a place of your own soon! That's awesome,I am super excited to hear and see more of your apartment very soon! :)

  3. I'm loving the different crispy cereals they look awesome :)
    Congrats on the move that is so exciting!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. thank you so much dear! I am now following you too on GFC !!:) I have a new post now and I would love to know your opinion on it:) keep in touch!


  5. Looks great, I love mixing yogurt & cereal

  6. Oh yay, I'm so excited for you to have your own place! I've been in my apartment for only a few weeks but so far I love being so independent, and having no meal plan! Now your meals will be even better (they already look amazing)!

  7. Looks good! Love your site. I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading more.
    Hope you will follow back.
    Daisy @

  8. Just love it. Thanks!


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