Sep 21, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #12

Last week's Friday Foodie Finds post was pumpkin-themed, this week's Friday Foodie Finds post is apple-themed!

I like apples better than pumpkin :)

Without further ado:

Allyson's Apple Nachos (VEGAN)

the Kitchn's Baked Apple Dumplings


If by some (strange, very strange) reason  you don't feel like having the dumpling with ice cream, you know what might just go great with it? A dollop of free Chobani greek yogurt (win it!). 

Joni's Apple Fritter (VEGAN)

Apple Fritter

Stephanie's Apple Cider Donuts

For a while, apple cider donuts were one of my favorite fall foods - I loved getting them whenever we went apple picking. They're also the only kind of doughnut that I spell 'donut,' because I put them in a whole other category from normal, non-fall doughnuts. The ones I'd get were always the donut holes, so they don't even look the same.

What do you think of Apple Cider Donuts?

Do you prefer apples or pumpkin?

What's your favorite way to eat apples?


  1. Ok, I'm hungry now. :P All these recipes look so good!

    Happy Friday!

  2. i'm just drooling over my keyboard

  3. The apple fritter and apple nachos just look amazing!

  4. I love the autumn flavour coming out in this :D
    Those apple cider cookies... Crazy delicious looking!

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I think I know what my snack tomorrow will be--those apple nachos look amazing!


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