Sep 28, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #13

By now, you guys know the routine. This week's Friday Foodie Finds is taking a spin for the savoury. The theme is tempeh! The V tells you that the recipe is vegan.

Maple Grilled Tempeh

Stephanie's Buffalo Tempeh V


Heidi's TLT Sandwich V

TLT Sandwich

She's good at tempeh, this is her second recipe in the same Friday Foodie Finds post!

Laurie's Tempeh Maki V

And, lucky for all the vegan readers, all of this recipes turned out to be vegan!

Like these yummy raw vegan treats that I'm giving away - dont' forget to enter!

What's your favorite protein source?

Have you ever tried tempeh?

What's one type of protein that you HAVEN'T tried yet, but want to?


  1. Tempeh was one of my favorite protein sources for awhile, but I haven't had it lately. But all these recipes look great so I should probably try it again!


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