Sep 1, 2012

Healthy Lunchbox Series Wrap-Up and Nana's Cookies Giveaway Winner!

So here's a quick wrap-up of my Healthy Lunchbox Series:

Monday -

The Cran-Grape juice was her second favorite flavor (she liked the 100% apple juice the best) and she really liked the banana bites for dessert (and loved the pretzels with cheese cubes). The salad was a nice way to add some greens and she ate it up. Her overall feedback was that she really enjoyed this lunch and wants more finger food lunchboxes!

Tuesday -

My sister loved the pancake pinwheels, though she ended up unrolling a few of them to eat. She thought the Just Fruit bar was nice and strawberry-y, liked the Pirate's Booty and joke a lot, and enjoyed the bite sized carrots more than the usual baby carrots (I just chopped up a big one). But the carrots and Wowbutter? Not a flavor combo that she enjoyed too much. The take away from this meal is that breakfast foods, like pancakes, can make great lunchbox additions!

She liked this 'Momable' a lot, but didn't eat up the marinara and thought The Better Chip Sweet Onion and White Cheddar had a little much seasoning. Take away? You can make your own (healthier, cheaper, and more eco-friendly) Lunchables and kids still enjoy them!

Her favorite part of this lunch was the grapes, but the cranberry juice cocktail was too tart, the Ginger-O's weren't quite as good as the original (Oreo-style) Newman-O's (though she still enjoyed them), and the sandwich had too many flavors here. The take away from this lunch is that we need to remember that children's palates can still be pretty simple, so don't go for flavor combo overloads. And sometimes conventional can be better!

Friday -

She enjoyed this and the major takeaway is that simplicity is NOT overrated!

It was a lot of fun for both of us - I liked packing the lunches (it definitely brought me back to my own elementary school days, at the exact same school where my sister is in the second grade now) and my little sister enjoyed reviewing the lunches that I packed for her. 

They were a fun shake-up from what she's used to from our mom, and our mom said that she's picked up some new ideas for this school year's lunches!

Okay, okay, I know what you guys are all really here for - to find out if you've won my Nana's Cookies giveaway!

The lucky winner is:

Teresa Thompson!

Congratulations! Please get email me (livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com) within 24 hours with your shipping info, so that we can get your goodies sent out to you!

If you didn't win this one, don't worry - I still have several more giveaways planned and you still have time to enter my Gardein giveaway!

Alright, now I have to go - I'm flying back to Boston today, since classes start next week!

Which healthy lunch did YOU like the best?


  1. Awe these are too cute. Now that I have to bring my lunch to work and don't have acesss to a kitchen...these give me some great ideas!


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