Sep 16, 2012

Sunday Steals and Super Saver Giveaway Winner!

First things first - here's the lucky winner of my Siggi's Probiotics giveaway!

 Congratulations, Courtney!

Email me (livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com) within 24 with your Be address so I can get those gift certificates in the mail to you!

Alright, here are this week's Sunday Steals!

SO Peace-Sign Flip-Flops for $1.00 ($5.00) @ Kohl's

I mean, really - who doesn't need a good pair of shower flip flops? For $1, you really can't complain.

Mimi Chica Print Silky Shorts for $9.97 ($26.00) @ Belk's

Aeillo for $19.97 ($50.00) @ Aldo's

Cropped Satin Cuff Blazer for $20 ($39.99) @ Charlotte Russe

Contrast Pullover for $6.99 ($14.90) @ Forever 21

What's the best deal you've found lately?

What are your fall must-buys?

Wherever you live, does it feel like fall yet?


  1. Those floral shorts are so cute! At the moment, I can't think of any particular item that I've found to be a steal. Asos has some amazing sales right now, though. Neiman Marcus and Saks has great offers all the time as well. You can buy some higher end items for soooo much less when they have sales. It's awesome :)


  2. Those things are just too cute :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. These are such great finds. Discounts are always the way to go. It definitely is starting to feel like fall where I am (but I refuse to where pants until it is officially fall haha)

  4. in Berlin (Germany) it has been feeling like for months:-( There hasn't really been a summer this year. But it does feel like fall when I go window shopping :-)) I would like to have a cool pair of sneakers quite badly...Manas design, expensive one...we'll see :-)

  5. I love that blazer!! And it's starting to feel like Fall up in Chicago, but it isn't too cold yet!


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