Oct 21, 2012

Detour:Tasty Chocolaty Snackin'

The semester is really heating up, guys. I'm a little scared for tomorrow's bio midterm exam! Especially since I'm shooting part of an indie short film (!) all day today.

When I should be studying. :/

Anyway, I have a tasty new chocolate candy protein bar to share with you guys!

Detour Bar makes a great variety of protein bars and shakes, including several specialized lines: Oatmeal, Lean Muscle, and Lower Sugar in addition to their Original whey protein bar line.

Each line has several different bars (the Lean Muscle line also has several different shakes) in such enticing flavors as caramel peanut, chocolate caramel, cookie dough caramel crisp, and oatmeal peanut butter banana (for those of you who don't like chocolate).

I tried the Lower Sugar Peanut Butter Cream bar.

Like their other Lower Sugar bars, this bar boasts 15g of quality whey protein per bar and contains 83% less sugar than regular Detour bars (or, basically, your standard protein bar) with only 1g of sugar per bar. They do contain sugar alcohols (14g) for those of you who try to avoid them, from maltitol and sucralose. 

I tend to prefer stevia or just plain old sugar , but stevia is just beginning to catch on in the packaged-goods world (and only minimally in the world of protein bars), so who knows? Maybe we'll see these bars move in that direction sometime. 

For now, however, they can still tout no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup (which is still more common than you'd think), and a bounty of branch chain amino acids for all of your protein needs. 

It's designed for athletes but, as a non-athlete, suits my needs pretty well as well.

Here's what the wrapper looks like:

The bar isn't a huge protein bar, but it's a good size for a snack bar. And hello, do you see that chocolaty coating?

Milk chocolate all the way and YES, it tastes as good as it looks! The milk chocolate is sweet, smooth, and delicious, not at all chalky or stale. There's no weird sugar-replacement taste or aftertaste and the filling is just as delicious, like a center of peanut butter fudge.

It's a chewy protein bar, which is my favorite variety, but it doesn't stick to your teeth excessively so your teeth don't feel the way they do after you eat toffee.

It makes a great, nutritionally balanced late-night study snack paired with some baby carrots (and don't you love my 'yum' plate? Only yummy foods are allowed on it).

Or with some roasted kabocha for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up pre- or post-chores.

And yes, that's a ducky spoon. Isn't it fabulous?

Or by itself if you're on the go, but I prefer combining even more flavors when I'm at home.

Have you ever tried Detour bars?

How often do you eat bars? I eat at least a bar a day - I consider myself a bit of a protein bar connoisseur. There are just so many yummy protein bars, like these! Sure I'm vegetarian, but protein is not at all a problem for me!

Do you watch indie films?

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  1. Good luck for both the film and test my friend you will be fine :)
    Just keep this yummy bar with you at all times for those energy kicks!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. The bar looks quite yummy. Good luck with your exam tomorrow. :)


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