Oct 12, 2012

Friday Foodie Finds #15

I know you guys have obviously been waiting anxiously all week to see what the theme of this week's Friday Foodie Finds would be. Now that it's finally Friday, y'all are obviously all like:

And this post series is obviously the only reason we all start the Friday countdown bright and early on Monday morning


Sarcasm aside, this week's Friday Foodie Finds theme is BROWNIES

But seriously, guys, aren't brownies great?

Oh, and R is for raw, V is for vegan, GF is for gluten-free. 


Recipe: Mint Carob Walnut Brownies

These are full of fun secret-ingredients, like sweet potatoes and more! There's also no sugar and no oil (they're sweetened exclusively with dates and enriched exclusively with walnuts). Sugar and oil are definitely not 'bad' but some people have doctor-prescribed diets than need lower amounts of either - in such cases, this is great!

Sarah's Raw Brownies (RV, GF)

And now I know I'm a brownie lover, but cookies definitely have their place in my heart, too. Especially when they're delicious small-batch vegan cookies!

Sweet Miscellany is a 100% wheat-free bakery specializing in naturally delicious baked goods - like this beautiful box of Vegan Salted Chocolate Chip Date Cookies that came in the mail yesterday!

The packaging is so cute, making treats from Sweet Miscellany a great gift for a health-minded loved one.

Or anyone, really, since the cookies are delicious enough to not need to be healthy for you to want to eat them!

But they are healthy. Check out this awesome ingredients list.

They're nice, big cookies, a little larger than my palm.

Courtney doesn't skimp on the chocolate, there are plenty of chocolate chips in there! And they aren't hard or chalky at all, like chocolate chips can sometimes be. Even without warming the cookies up in the microwave, the chocolate chips are soft and smooth.

The sea salt is a great touch! I haven't had salted chocolate chip cookies before, but the saltiness really let the sweetness of the cookie shine and made eating this cookie a purely blissful experience!

And dates in a chocolate chip cookie? I thought it would be weird, but it's not like there are big pieces of date in there. She gets the bits really small, so they meld with the other cookie components and just add a delicious natural sweetness. This isn't fruity at all, but it's 100% pure indulgence.

They're amazing! You have to try them! They're vegan, wheat-free, preservative-free, and there are no artificial ingredients. I strongly recommend them!

Also, for a box of 16 large cookies packaged as beautifully as shown above, it's only $10 - that's less than 63 cents each, making them cheaper than any walk-up bakery or the vegan cookies at Whole Foods. Plus, they're waaaaaaay yummier.

You can check out what else Sweet Miscellany has to offer, from Vegan Kitchen Sink Granola to Dewberry Buckwheat Thumbprint Cookies, at its Etsy Shop, on its blog, or on its facebook page!

What do you want to try from Sweet Miscellany?

When did you last have a brownie? 

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I loooooove brownies, these are wonderful :)

  2. gosh, now I'm hungry again *_*
    this looks like heaven!!
    and thank you so much for your comment - I was busy with school, traveling and fighting my ED (but I am on the winner side ;))
    and I am excited for the international giveaway!!!
    have a great weekend :*

  3. I'm digging those vegan brownies they look really good and not too difficult that I could *probably* make them. Probably being the key word.


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