Oct 28, 2012

Fun Costumes and Fun(ner) Food

Since it's the week of Halloween (!) we'll start with a few fun costumes before moving on to a tasty treat you might consider handing out for a (healthy) Halloween!

If you like your Greek methology, how about going as Medusa?

Maybe you're more into the Flintstones? I remember liking the Flintstones quite a bit.

She looks pretty fab, I'd like that costume (and the hair)! But it doesn't even look like a tough one to recreate. 

Also, I'm clearly not the only one who loves ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume

But if you're more into cupcakes, you're not alone either.

Unique Homemade Costume Ideas Ideas 2012

This next one (designed by Kelly Bui) is more a piece of high fashion than it is a costume. But what's the difference?

And for the little ones, there's Jules's Mad Hatter.

Isn't that adorable? Okay, it's treat time!

Matt's Munchies premium fruit snacks are an all-natural, organic, no-sugar-added alternative to Fruit Rollups!

And no, I don't mean they're fruit leather. Fruit leather is definitely tasty and it's definitely a healthier alternative to Fruit Rollups, but the fact is that fruit leather just doesn't have the same fun stretch-and-peel effect that had all the kids on the block running to the house with the Fruit Rollups or Fruit By the Foot when I was a kid.

Matt's Munchies, on the other hand, do. The shape is different than regular fruit roll ups (these are squares) but there are stacks of them in each (single serving!) pack and they're fun to peel off - it's kind of like edible stickers! Kids would love them :)

Aaaand they taste like candy.

There are a bunch of different flavors (including a few chocolate ones, which are the only ones that have any added sugar at all) and they're all made out of simple, healthy ingredients - organic fruit. It doesn't get much better than that!

I thought all of the ones that I tried were absolutely delicious, so I couldn't pick a favorite. But I do want to point out that there are some cool spiced varieties that adults will really enjoy!

Like Mango Acai.

I haven't had acai in a long while, but it's a really yummy superfruit and pairs well with mango!

The Ginger Spice one (based on mango) was an absolutely delightful fall treat. It's definitely a fall flavor and a great light snack with a cup of chai tea. Mmmm.

And the Island Mango is a real tropical treat! It really tastes like it has to be full of sugar, it's completely indistinguishable from candy. And the coconut flavor is strong, since it has coconut puree and shredded coconut!

Believe it or not, they're all under 50 calories per pouch. This makes them great as either an extremely light snack or a good addition to a snack. A pack of Matt's Munchies and a baggie of nuts of would make a great on-the-go snack!

Did you prefer Fruit Rollups or Fruit By the Foot as a kid?

What's your favorite fall flavor?

What song have you been enjoying lately? Am I allowed to admit that I've been listening to Christmas music daily for the past four weeks now? Or is that bad?


  1. I'm really feeling that high fashion Halloween costume. That is sick. I don't even know my favorite fall flavor, because like you I look for Christmas and bypass fall completely LOL.

  2. love the medusa costume
    all costumes look awesome

    check my new post too

  3. I can't believe that fruit leather has so few ingredients! wonderful post.

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE matts munchies!!! They are so delicious!

  5. I love all the awesome costume photos :)

    Choc Chip Uru


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