Oct 15, 2012

Suncakes Review - Your New Favorite Cookie-Muffin!

I've been wanting to try Suncakes for over a year, since I first saw them on a blog - but I couldn't find them in stores and didn't know that you could order them online!

So I just linked to the site for you, so y'all don't have to pine for them like I did ;)

But now that I've discovered them, I've obviously not wasted any time eating my way through their stock!

All Suncakes and Heart Thrives (which are basically single-serving Suncakes, since Suncakes are technically two servings, in a heart shape) are whole grain, vegan, and packed with good for you ingredients (oats, fruit, soy protein, etc.).

They're also all super delicious, hearty (a Suncake makes a great snack, it will hold you over as well, or better, than a standard protein bar if you eat the whole thing), and are kind of like a mix between a whole grain cookie and a whole grain muffin, but very dense and sweet (but not too sweet) and delicious.

Oh, and they'll jazz up any yogurt mess or bowl of cereal/oats, if you crumble them on top. Or you can spread them with peanut butter. Or you can make an ice cream sundae. Or...well, the options are deliciously endless.

But let's do a quick rundown of the flavors, then cut to my two favorites.

Raisin Spice Heart Thrive - Oatmeal raisin cookie delight! If you like Kashi's trail mix cookies, you'll fall head over heels for these and forget all about those.

Sorry, Kashi, you know I'm a fan.

Chocolate Heart Thrive - Seriously, take my word for it, you need to nuke these in the microwave for 30 seconds and serve them with ice cream for a healthier, but no less decadently delicious, brownie sundae.

Lemon Poppy Heart Thrive - The lemon was really nice and tart, but the Heart Thrive was still just the right amount of sweet.

Date Heart Thrive and Suncake - The date flavor is very strong and it's great eaten with almonds or spread with almond butter.

Apple Heart Thrive and Suncake - Simply put, it tastes like fall!

But it is the plainest of the flavors, so I recommend it eaten with dark chocolate and pecans, as I did - yum!

Chocolate Orange Suncake - I usually don't like chocolate and fruit combos, but if you do you'll love it!

Surprisingly, I still really enjoyed the chocolate intensity, especially when microwaved for 30 seconds :) The orange wasn't overwhelming, which I really appreciated!

Unsulph. Apricot Suncake - I haven't had dried apricots often, so the first bite surprised me.

But it's delicious and especially good with greek yogurt and cashews!

Now for my favorites!

Cranberry Heart Thrive and Suncake - If you like craisins at all, you'll like these. Think oatmeal craisin cookie delight!

And there's a little hint of orange flavor that comes out with a whammy. 

I preferred the Suncake to the Heart Thrive, by just a hair, because the bigger, thicker size gave it more to bite into = more yumminess in my mouth :P

And my second favorite was the poppy seed suncake!

It's a very simple flavor, but with the delightfully sticky dense texture of the Suncakes, it made a delightful simple treat!

Perfect with chocolate, with nut butter, with jam...

...or just by its scrumptious self.

How have I gone so long without Suncakes and Heart Thrives? They're even better than the Trader Joe's muffins I used to consider my favorite breakfast baked good!

Oh my gosh, these are seriously a new favorite food. If anyone ever wants to get me to do anything for them, I'm totally open to Suncakes and Heart Thrive bribes.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Um, so I did just start my Christmas list so that I could put Suncakes and Heart Thrives all over it (they're the only thing on it, FYI). Yeah...

The folks at Suncakes are trying to figure out how exactly word is getting out about their product, since they don't do big advertising on TV or anything, so if you decide to order some, please do mention Living, Learning, Eating! Thanks, guys :)

Have you tried Suncakes? 

What's your favorite Suncake flavor?

If you could make up a new flavor, what would it be? I think I'd probably root for cookie dough as the next new flavor! Or maybe goji berry-pomegranate? Oooh, that sounds good.

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  1. Those look great, never tried them before :) x

  2. Those look great and I've never tried them before. (all your food does...like I just went through a container of rawtella and it was the bomb!). Anyways-I might pick myself our some poppyseed.

    1. These are seriously my FAVORITE thing that I've reviewed so far - no joke. And I'm glad you liked the Rawtella, I had a feeling you would!

  3. I've never tried these before but they look great! And if you love them so much, they must be awesome!! :)

  4. THESE ARE SO GOOD! I tried them when I first started my blog and fell in love! The lemon poppyseed is definitely my favorite! So flavorful!!!

  5. Definitely my new favourite! Now... How to try it ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. I have never tried these ;)

    we could follow each other? ;) www.gabusiek.blogspot.com


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