Oct 7, 2012

Sunday Steals #14 and a Skinny Cow Treat!

Today is really awesome day. Why? Because it's a Sunday that's a Saturday.

Yay for Columbus Day!!

No classes tomorrow is also super necessary, because even though we're only a little over a month into the fall semester, I already have a ton of work and a ton of work to get caught up on.

And how are midterms already just around the bend?!

Still, there's time for one cute Sunday Steal:

Bobeau Tie Waist Stripe Maxi Dress for $19.97 ($58.00

My favorite thing about Nordstrom is definitely the free shipping. There's something so frustrating about paying for shipping, especially on a sale item!

Anyway, even though fall is here and we're just about through with occasions to wear flowy summer dresses for this year, it's never too cold for ice cream.


I haven't tried Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches before and, being the ice cream connoisseur that I am, I had to remedy that situation ASAP.

What better opportunity than a weekend afternoon, where the approaching chilliness of fall makes an ice cream treat all the better?

Oh, who am I kidding? An ice cream treat is always awesome.

Especially when they're generous with the ice cream!

As you can see from the above picture, the ice cream sandwich is actually as big as the picture on the box - which is pretty big! I was really pleasantly surprised by this, because multi-pack ice cream sandwiches tend to be a bit smaller and especially considering the nutritional info for this treat, I wasn't expecting it to be so generously portioned!

Yay for more ice cream :)

There are six ice cream sandwiches per box and, though I stuck with plain vanilla (what got into me? This is so unusual!) they also have chocolate-vanilla swirl, chocolate peanut butter, oreo, mint, and strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches (as well as cups, cones, bars, and milkshake starters).

The cookie : ice cream ratio is just right and the cookies are nice and chocolaty and sweet, like the chocolate ice cream sandwich cookies you're used to. There's nothing gourmet about the cookie, but this isn't designed to be a gourmet treat - it's a nostalgic treat that brings back memories of chasing down the ice cream truck or eating ice cream sandwiches on the beach (only minus the sand).

The ice cream is very vanilla and very, very creamy - surprisingly so! It also definitely didn't have any freezer frost or ice chunks, like light ice creams can be prone to, and was consistently creamy throughout.

Overall, I definitely recommend Skinny Cow as a light ice cream treat! It's delicious and doesn't taste 'light' but it's a treat that you can easily fit into most people's daily diet!

I think I'll try the Oreo sandwich next...

Oh, and I don't write this on all of my reviews, since this is primarily a review blog and it would be annoying to have to write (or read!) it almost every day, but all of these opinions belong to my highly opinionated self. Skinny Cow is NOT paying me for this review, nor are/did any of the other companies. It's 100% my honest opinion! :)

Do you like ice cream sandwiches?

What's your go-to choice when you're buying novelty ice cream from the ice cream truck or a gas station?

Do you like Sunday Steals sales rack finds? I'm kind of thinking of retiring the series, I'm getting a bit bored of it...

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  1. I thought you were vegan! lol Guess not! Glad you enjoyed the icecream! I've had those before and they are pretty good! :)

    1. No, I'm definitely not vegan! I love my daily ice cream and yogurt too much :)

  2. Nice post and blog! (;
    Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    If u wanna let me know.
    Follow me, and I'll follow back. ♥

    Love, Jackffy

  3. I love Skinny Cow! The sundae cups are my absolute favorite...especially chocolate fudge & cookies n cream :)

  4. I am pretty surprised with how big those ice creams are considering their impressive nutritional stats.

    Totally understand about getting bored with certain blog topics. I'd say retire it for a month or two and come back.

    1. I know, I was really surprised, too - pleasantly so! And thanks, I think I will retire Sunday Steals for a bit :)

  5. mm yummy yummy!

    X Jenny

  6. Love skinny cow ice cream :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I wanna these cookies too!!!AAA, I can't sleep now!!!)))


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