Oct 9, 2012

Trendy Tuesday #10

It's fall, which means I'm starting to see more orange out and about. Pumpkins, leaves, and outfits, orange is a popular color at the moment!

This Trendy Tuesday theme is orange. Whenever I think of orange, I think of that scene in Legally Blond where she's at the jail and talks about orange being the new pink.

Not true.

But I do like orange, too!

Da Paura's Transition to Fall


Missy's Easy Breezy 

The burnt orange handbag is adorable! I think I might prefer burnt orange to bright orange, it's so nicely subdued.

Molly's Brights

outfit, orange

Maddinka's Autumn Fun


Those pants are pretttttty awesome.

I think orange and brown look pretty great together - definitely very autumnal!

So, what's more delightful than a morning of fashion? A morning of fashion and chocolate!

Rox Chox is a healthy raw chocolate company created by Rochelle and River, when Rochelle discovered that she had Candida and couldn't have much sugar in her diet anymore. 

No chocolate? No way!

So instead of simply resigning herself to a sad, chocolate-lacking existence, Rochelle teamed up with her good friend River to make a healthy raw chocolate bar that's sugar-free, but ever bit as delicious as the bars that she was used to. And thus Rox Chox were born.

They're sweetened only with birch, a sweetener that actually promotes oral health. Who would have thought that a chocolate habit could be good for your teeth?

Made of fair-trade, organic, and mostly raw ingredients, Rox Chox are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free. They're also packed in compostable cellulose bags.

YAY, Rox Chox!

But the most important thing, of course, is the taste. When I first saw how small these were (the blocks they're packaged in aren't particularly large) I thought there's no way that one little square could handle my chocolate craving.


They're so intensely chocolaty - dark, sweet, creamy, and delicious - that I was forced to slow down and enjoy every bite. Every delicious, decadent bite. And after one square?

I was satisfied! Thanks, Rox Chox!

Have you tried Rox Chox? You can see if a store near you carries them here, but the easiest way is probably just ordering them online here.

What colors do you like pairing with orange?

What color do you wear more of in fall than in other seasons?

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  1. Love the dress from Molly's Brights is wearing, that is wonderful :) x

  2. The dresses are simply gorgeous :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Hello dear,
    Maybe you would like to follow each others blogs with blogger and bloglovin?


    Have a nice day,

  4. I love the boots and long songs look. I'm not sure how I feel about the patterened pants. I def don't think I could pull them off but I know a lot of people that could!

    1. Yeah, I don't actually *own* any patterned pants, either...

  5. Congrats my friend, I have given you a double whammy of awards!
    Check it out here: http://gobakeyourself.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/quick-easy/

    Choc Chip Uru


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