Oct 10, 2012

WIAW #59

Happy WIAW!

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Peas and Crayons

So...I've been working on a recipe for you guys.

It's for a green tea microwave breakfast cake that is every bit as delicious as it is nutritious and energizing for a busy day of back-to-back Harvard classes.

Because my schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays? 
9am-11am: Lecture #1
11am-12pm: Lecture #2
12pm-1pm: Lecture #3
1pm-2pm: Lunch and Homework
2pm-3pm: Work 
3pm-5pm: Lecture #4

I pack a lot of snacks and am an incessant lecture snacker, but I still need a good meal to start a day like that off on the right foot! 

An early attempt - the consistency is all off!
I've come pretty close with the recipe, but I'm still working on achieving consistency with it, so that it's reliably amazing.

Pretty Close!
I'm trying to provide you guys with a quality recipe here, guys :) But I'll share it as soon as it's ready - it's close!

But this needs to not happen in the microwave...
 In the meantime, here are some baked goods from some guys who already know what they're doing. And they do it well!

Alternative Baking Co. makes vegan cookies, with no dairy, no eggs, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no animal ingredients, no artificial ingredients, no refined sugar, but a whole lot of yumminess!

They generously sent me their gluten-free cookies (there are five varieties) to review. 

There's Cinnamon Burst:

It's soft, sweet, and (like all of their cookies) tastes fresh baked! Alternative Baking Co. doesn't use any preservatives, so their cookies are made fresh and shipped out promptly, so you get them still tasting like they came out of the oven that morning.

Oh, and just so you can kind of see what's in them (the basic ingredients are pretty similar), here's the back of the Cinnamon Burst:

Um yes - there are chickpeas in these cookies. And they're delicious.

Cinnamon Burst had a really nice cinnamon flavor that made it perfect for fall (wow, it's fall). Speaking of perfect for fall...

Please note that I'm not even crazy for pumpkin. But if you like pumpkin at all (and maybe even if you don't), you'll enjoy this. It tastes like Thanksgiving, like pumpkin pie without the goopiness!

Chocolate Explosion is the All-American soft-baked, thick, chewy, sweet, and delicious chocolate chip cookie. I recommend microwaving it for 30 seconds, so that the chocolate chips get all melty, and serving it with a class of frosty chilled milk. YUMMY.

The lemon dream balances the sweet-tart flavor complexity through-and-through, never veering too much in either direction.

But I saved the best for last.

Fudge Indulgence, be still my chocoholic heart! It's a soft stick-to-your-teeth good cookie that's the love child of a mall cookie and a Ghiradelli brownie. This is 100% pure decadence and it's unbelievable chocolaty and rich.

Neither pictures nor words can do it justice, so just know that you'll want to try these ASAP.

In fact, if you like thick, chewy, delicious cookies, you'll need to try all of these ASAP. But order the Fudge Indulgence cookies first.

Oh is that a Fudge Indulgence Cookie hiding back there in my breakfast? 

They are just sooo delicious. 

I'm hoping to find lots and lots of them in my Christmas stocking this year (haha, a little early? Never!). *Hint, hint*

What's your favorite vegan baked good?

Do you like making up recipes?

Do you prefer thick, soft cookies or flat, crunchy ones? For me, thick and soft is the hands-down winner as far as my cookies are concerned!


  1. I like crunchy cookies best. These look delcious. Stick with your recipe development...it'll work out eventually!!

  2. Alternative Baking Company is AMAZING. I had some sent to me for a pen pal exchange and I was in heaven. I would love to try that pumpkin spice one...I'll have to be on the look out. :)

  3. I've never had those cookies before, but my goodness they sound delicious!

    I'm more into crunchy cookies :).. don't get me wrong though, I'd never pass up a chewy one.

  4. Whoa. Those cookies sounds great!

    Really excited to see your microwave recipe. Microwave breads are my favorite baked good. I also love my vegan banana bread that I just made over the weekend.

    I LOVE making up recipes.

    My favorite cookies are soft, but not doughy, and just "a little" crispy on the outside. Fluffy like a cloud.

  5. I have never heard of Alternative Baking Co, but they seem like really tasty cookies. I prefer soft cookies :)

    I look forward to your recipe :)

  6. Oh wow those cookies sound amazing! I love me some choc chip cookies! Have you ever tried Nanas cookies? They're vegan and absolutely delicious! A green tea microwave cake sounds interesting! The only green tea cake I've had involved a bucket load of butter...but tasted delicious nonetheless!

    1. I *have* tried Nana's Cookies and they're amazing! Believe it or not, these are just as good! I was surprised, because I didn't think I'd find another cookie as yummy as Nana's, but Nana's are so hard to find in stores.

      My green tea cake is yummy sans a bucket of butter! :)

  7. VERY excited to see ABC has come out with gluten free cookies! I used to live off the regular vegan ones things in college (many years ago I feel old haha)Lemon dream looks amaaaazing :D I love a cookie that has that perfect balance of crispy on the outside and chewy and gooey in the middle. I'm not a fan of cakey cookies.... if it is going to be cake-like I would rather have it in muffin/cupcake/cake form haha Probably all mind over matter I suppose. Happy Wednesday!

    1. The fudge indulgence are my favorite (of course) but the lemon ones are really yummy, too! And I'm 100% with you - cakey cookies are out.

  8. I love thick soft cookies (that's what she said). I can't wait to see what that recipe is of. It sounds awesome!

    1. Hmm, I don't get it... I'm so bad at that's what she said jokes :P

  9. Yes I love making up recipes! Looking forward to your microwave bfast cake.

  10. I like thin and crunchy cookies! Just like I'm a sucker for anything crunchy,really... I recently read that people who have a lot of stress tend to do that very often. Seems to be true in my case,haha! ;)

    1. I hope you're able to de-stress a bit!

      My mom really likes crunchy cookies, too. She's not stressed (I hope!)

  11. Those cookies look delicious! Looking forward to the green(?) microwave cake :D!

  12. Mmmm I am looking forward to your morning breakfast cake, it beats a brownie for sure ;)
    And incessant snacking is my middle name too! You have some delicious options here!

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Ohh, so yummy! I'm not vegan but I can try one of these cookies!

    1. I'm not vegan, either, the cookies are good enough that you don't need to be!

  14. Thick and chewy cookies for me! There's a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe in Veganomicon resulting in brownie-like cookies - delish.

    Wow, that's a crazy schedule you have. Are you still able to concentrate during the last lecture? I'd be too tired to be attentive by that time.

    1. It's a hard class, so I have to pull it together and concentrate! Yawning happens sometimes, though.

      Thanks for the recipe recommendation, I'll check it out!

  15. Mmmm these cookies look great and it's nice that they're vegan and gluten free! I love the vegan cookies that Whole Foods makes in store and I love that they're only 99 cents each. But my favorite vegan baked good would have to be these gluten free pumpkin donuts I found at WF. They also have garbanzo beans in them and they taste amazing!

    Those long days can be killer. Luckily I only have one really long day like that but I am so tired by 5 pm!

  16. Im officially drooling all over my keyboard...those cookies look amazing! I will have to find those so I can satisfy my intense craving :)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy WIAW...

  17. All those cookies sound delicious...I love lemony things but the fudge one sounds even better!


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